The Secret Between Nigeria and Gadhafi  -
The Secret Between Nigeria and Muammar Gadhafi
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu March 13, 2009
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As a child growing up in Nigeria, I always admired Gadhafi and wished that he was a Nigerian leader. I was too young to know the full magnitude of what he stood for, but unlike Shagari, Buhari, Babangida, and Abacha (former leaders of Nigeria in the 1980s-90s); he appeared to be a man filled with confidence, courage, determination, and the pride as well as joy of success. He appeared to be God-sent and acted like the King of Africa. I always admired how his Africanized attire looked on his skin and the pride in which he wore it. As a little boy, I understood without knowing the political and economics situations of the world that Gadhafi was going to be a global force to reckon with and was also going to be the symbol of African power whether we liked it or not.

As a child, I heard of how Gadhafi drew water out of the desert for his people and the improved the Libyan economy against the advice of the world powers who thought his effort was an impossible task. I actually remember how he stood his ground against the United States and President Reagan. I was proud and I could not believe it that an African leader and an African nation could talk back to America and America actually felt that it is a force to contend with even to this day. Despite the fact that he was an Arab-African, I took him as my own because it was obvious to me then that our Nigerian leaders lacked the drive and essentials of leadership. He even started making Libya technologically advanced and stated talking about nuclear and weapons of mass destruction, but in Nigeria, there was not and there is still no light. In 2009, we are still talking about private generators and half-current.

Now that I am a little older and wiser, and I now understand the bigger picture of the world’s affairs as it relates to Africa, I believe that Gadhafi, with the assistance or passivism of Nigeria, is a disaster to Africa and our children. Gadhafi is actually the new and extensive representation of Arabic colonization of Africa in the mental and economic age of globalization. The first form of Arab colonization came with the fear of the sword on fast moving horse backs, and selling your soul to the Koran and to Mecca, but the new form of Arab colonization is going to be in form of friendship, economic gifts, and African Unity.

Arabs have always wanted all of Africa as their Islamic foot mat, but it has Christianity and now, Pan-Africanism to contend with. Their first raid on Africa was almost successful. They pushed Africans out of Israel, the entire North Africa, and sent their black converted slaves, who chose the Koran rather than death, to march through West Africa to hold other Africans captives for Arab expansion. A lot of West African empires, like Ghana and the Hausa States, fell badly. They even pushed the Yorubas in Nigeria south and westward. Invading Arabs and their African slaves took most of Western Africa and established their form of leadership on behalf of Mecca and not Africa, except in the extreme south of the region. This move, that involves Arabic African slaves killing and ruling Africans for their Arab masters, has been what has consumed the godly and progressive souls of Africa to this day.

One of the biggest setbacks for the African slaves of Islam against their own blood was the battle at Auchi (North of Edo State), where the grand Edo army fought the Muslim invaders to a standstill. This prevented the spread of the enslaving Islam through Bendel, the Delta, Igbo land, and into central Africa in full force. Nigerian educational systems always hide this fact because they do not want Africans to be emboldened against Islam. They taught us that the reason Islam did not take all of Nigeria and the whole of West Africa is because the Muslim horses and camels could not survive the tse-tse flies. Rubbish!!!! Even if it was true, is the environment not also a factor in wars? Were the Africans supposed to kill the flies to aid their horses or even multiply the flies artificially (biological warfare)? The Muslim African slaves were beaten back by Africans and could not form the necessary bridge they wanted to join the Islamic culture that was already established in East Africa. This is what they regret and the Arabs are using Gadhafi to make up for it in the modern era.

As a Nigerian Pan-Africanist, what bothers me most is Nigeria’s attitude towards the powerful Gadhafi, African slavery all over North Africa to this day, the creation of Eritrea from Ethiopia, the continuous destruction of African history in Egypt, our silence about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and now, the mass murder of Africans in Darfur in Sudan by Arabic African slaves. Why would Nigeria, the so called Giant of Africa and the pride and hope of the Black race, just sit back and watch? A nation cannot just survive on oil alone. What about military, economic, and political relevance? Whenever there is a problem anywhere in the world, America goes there to establish a military base in the name of freedom. They do not only have a military presence, they also gather information and make agreements for trade, help to maintain order for their interest, and also help to promote American influence in the area. Nigeria with its population and military can do the exact same thing all over West and North Africa to enhance Nigeria as a nation and promote the respectability of the Black race around the world. But will Nigeria ever do this especially under Islamic leadership? NEVER and I will tell you why.

Europe and Arabs see Africa as their consumer market. This means Africa has to be unproductive and rely on their products for survival. This is why our infrastructures must be broken down and our children live a life of importation of foreign goods and the inflation of their prices to reduce our economic might. Europe does not mind an Islamic government hindering Africa as long as they do not become militant and disrupt their trade and flow of resources. Arabs want every African to be a Muslim, not because they want us to get closer to God, but because they will have the biggest market share and land in the world. Africa is a battle ground of external ideas and forces, but Africans must be kept under-developed so that they only worry about survival.

This is the scramble between Europeans and Arabs for Africa, which is based solely on their necessity for Islamic leadership in Africa. The Arabs want full Islamic control of Africa, but the Europeans know that if this happens that the Arabs will close the African market to them. The Europeans need Islamic rule in some parts of Africa to keep the Africans down for their benefit. The last thing the foreign colonizers want is a non-Islamic and educated government in Africa ruling for African interests. This is because if Africa becomes independent, the European and Arab civilizations will fall within a decade. So Islamic rule is mandatory in Africa for their survival and it must maintain Africans as their consumers.

If Nigeria elects good leaders and it becomes a global force, it will not only stop the spread of Arabic Islam, but also the importation of non-African goods into the Black world. Global economist understand that if Nigeria become an industrialized and manufacturing giant like it was expected to be decades ago that the entire Africa and Caribbean would dump western goods for Nigeria products. This is because the Black world loves Nigeria and they see us as their economic hope, only that we have failed to live up to expectation. To the colonizers, the last colonized country in Africa that must be free of Islamic leadership is Nigeria, if they are to maintain Africa and the Caribbean as there consumer base.

It is very clear to me by the attitude of the Islamic leadership in Nigeria that they are in bed with Gadhafi’s Islamization of Africa through the African Union. Nigerian leaders pretend not to mind Gadhafi or act like we all should ignore him. They do this not to wake the anger of the Christian south against Islam. While they think we are stupid, Gadhafi is quietly using his money, eloquence, and influence to sway the poorer and weaker African nations to his side right under the nose of Nigeria, which he publicly calls the “big for nothing giant”. Gadhafi insults and degrades Nigeria publicly because he knows that Islamic Nigeria can’t stand up to him or even a common Arab as his religious subjects. He comes to Nigeria when he pleases, dictates how he is coming, puts his submarine in Nigerian waters for months undetected, and bring hundreds of guards and press whenever he come to Nigeria. This is part of the Islamic strategic, which the Nigerian Islamic leadership is aware of, to convince Africa at large that their Black Giant (Nigeria) can’t withstand the new change coming – African Union and Arabs rule to all of Africa.

We survived European colonization, we prevented the Islamic bridge from Western to Eastern Africa, but if we let the Arabs and their Islamic African slaves succeed in their spread of Islam, then we can as well just give up our race and land to the devil. All Africans must see to it that we always elect African leaders that put African interest before anything. Also, all African Muslims must embrace Pan-Africanism and a God of unity and progress. Islam was not, is not, and will never be for the African. The power the Arabs and Gadhafi have is solely based on the existence of African Muslims. This is not a message of hate or a message of anger. I am simply saying Islam has done nothing good for Africa to this day, except enslaved us and made us unproductive for Arab and European domination. If you choose to be a practicing Muslim, you can either go leave in Arab land or stay out of African leadership. Salt water and fresh water never comes out of the same source. The freedom of God and the bondage of the man are consistently parallel. African pride and success has nothing to do with Arabic Islam. Never try to separate a religion from its founders.


Arabs in Africa (A must read for all who love Africa):



Thanks for your writing. I could see your great effort in that piece.

My advice to you and us is to look inward. Looking outside for excuses for our failures is not going to help us. I am sure you have read or heard others blaming our failures on Western world. If we continue like this, things would never change for better.
It is time to start blaming ourselves.

It is time for us to know that Arab, Asian, Western and Eastern Worlds will look out for themselves first.

It is time for us to look out for ourselves.

Blaming this and that is just an excuse that will take us nowhere. If Christianity and Islam were brought to us, why don’t we try to take ours to them?

None of the religions is in Africa to help us to their own disadvantage. We should start to think on how we could use any of the regions to our own advantage.

I hope what I have said makes sense.




Dear Ehi Aimiuwu,

Our muslim brothers and sisters in Nigeria should know that Arabs are con-men; They islamise you first and eliminate you later. This evidence is clearly seen in Darfur region of Sudan. The black people dying everyday from the hands of the Arabs in Darfur are also muslim.



Dear Mr. Aimiuwu,

The article ‘The Secret Between Nigeria and Muammar Gadhafi’ appears to explain several inconsistencies in the lives of average Africans residing in the continent. Recently, I came to the conclusion that there must be a subgroup of Africans that have a different agenda for Africa because no ‘real’ African, leader or follower, can willfully perpetuate the sufferings of their fellow Africans. Of course the culprit is no other than the Islamic religion which holds the non-Islamic Africans in bondage. Continue the good work of escavating the hidden truths about Islamic agenda in Africa and in due time like minds will converge for a change. Please point me to any references you might find informative on this topic.


What a wonderful piece! It’s a healing message to African leadres.


Dear Sir,
I sincerely think you need to take a class in history in order to stop believing and making people believe in fabricated history.You do not have to hate Islam to the extent of fabricating heinous history about the Islamic religion and its adherents. In Islam people are not to be compelled to accept the Islamic faith one has to be convinced about Islam before reverting to Islam. It is something that makes my heart bleeds when i see people that knows next to nothing about Islam, telling lies about the blessed religion all because they hate the religion. There is no doubt, none of the religions of world treat in detail all aspect of as Islam does, even war. The islamic rule of engagement forbids unnecessary killings. The elderly, young ones, women, and some who is not taking part the battle should not be killed.
their shrine, trees, and their source water should be left untouched.If you will agree with me
that islam has the most decent rule of engagement in whole wide world. Islam permits co-existence of muslims and non-muslims in peace.Sir, may i know your view on palestinian-isreal relationship.



Why does the name on the e-mail address not match the name in the e-mail? It seems your Muslims rules were enforced after conquest of the majority. During the conquest and spread of Islam through Africa, people died in huge numbers. Where are all the African tribes of North Africa before Arab and Islamic settlements?

As for Israelis and Palestinians, I support the later. I even wrote a book about it. Thanks for reading my article.


I did not hear from you again. Just because the Palestinians are muslims does not mean that they should be mistreated and have their land taken from them. The book I wrote about the issue is titled “The Political and Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land” –

God bless.


You make the best case for breaking up Nigeria. One of the traps
the British laid for Black Nigerian was to unite Northern Nigeria with
Southern Nigeria.

One can only guess how “Southern Nigeria” would have fared if it had
not been joined with “Northern Nigeria’

It was not just the Edos who stopped the Fulani imperialists, the
Yoruba army (Ibadans and Ijeshas and other Yoruba tribes) under
Ogedengbe stopped expansion of the Fulani Empire. They took Ilorin-
till today. This is why minority Fulani – emir rules over majority

One more thing, no matter what party is in power, the money men are
always Fulani. This is how and why they control Nigeria till now and
may do so forever.



Hello Ehi,

I have been reading your write-ups and trust me, I do agree with you most of the time especially on the inroads of islam in Africa. To this day I strongly believe that islam did more evil to Africa than the European slave dealers. Look across Africa and you will notice that South Africa having taking out the Europeans out of power but the Arabs are still holding the entire north of Africa hostage.

Will Africa ever regain her freedom and respect? Will Africa ever recover all that have been stolen from her? The Arabs did not only steal from Africa but they killed entire populations and replaced them with their own people and this is why I get really pissed off when they talk about refugee return in their encouter with the Jews. What they did to Africa and continues to do just like you rightly pointed out in Sudan, is what they are asking its reverse in another country.

Until Africans know what the Arabs stand for, they may never know how exactly to deal with them. Now regarding your refrence to Nigeria, I was wondering how you really think that it will work out considering that there is no one really that goes by that nation as its country. I say this ’cause in have met many Nigerians who first tells you that they are from this or that tribe and when you press harder, they now tell you where they come from and the fact that they are seeking some sort of seperation from Nigeria. Have you searched lately on the google for countries seeking seperation from Nigeria? You will be amazed to find that Edo is also one of them.

For Africa to be free, there must be at least one or two countries where its people are really free. I have looked over the entire continent and have yet to find a single country small or big that is to be considered good enough for this project or honour. South Africa was deceived from the start by Thabo Mbeki’s economic negotiation with the aparthied regime and to this day, they are still wallowing in that mishap. Back again to Nigeria, look at the way its people in the East or better still the Niger Delta are being treated by the rulers. A country that is hanging on a thread must not be used to compare to one solid country which unfortunately happens to be Muamar Ghadafi’s Libya.

All things considered, Africa have not yet started but if and only if its people are awake to the realities of the times there is a window of opportunity that is opening by the current shift in economic ballance around the world. Africans must take advantage of this opportunity and gets its affairs in order. This is perhaps a wishful thinking considering the crop of leaders that countries in Africa has especially Nigeria.

Take good care,



Mr. Aimiuwu:

Thanks for a wonderful article. Keep up the good work. However, I would like a copy of
your articles.

I asked for your articles because most of the points you made relative to “Islam” were substantiated with facts. I’m an Isoko by birth in Delta State of Nigeria. By embracing “Christainity” with its Western philosophical thoughts, enabled us to approach issues more openly. Your articles are enlightening and would like to know more about this issue. Please recommend some books on this issue. Col. Ghadafy has been ruling Libya for the past 30 years, this will not happen in the Western styled democracy.Also, the point you made on the way blacks people of “Darfur”, Sudan are being killed under the instigation of Arabs is most disturbing. I’m yet to see any Muslim country not even “Saudi Arabia” were Black men are accorded dignity to self fullfilment. Now I see why our leaders from the North have not only failed their people but Nigeria as a whole.

Again, thanks for pointing out why it’s so important that our civilization will lead to economic independence, if we continue to embrace “Western” philosophical thoughts.


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