The Usefulness of Islam in Nigeria
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
August 3, 2009
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Before I enlighten you about the usefulness of Islam in Nigeria and the entire Black race, I would like the Webster Dictionary and Wikipedia to define some key terms that will be used in this article. They are as follows:

1) Islam: The religious faith of Muslims and the civilization built on the faith

2) Civilize: To be raised from a primitive state to an advanced or ordered stage of cultural development

3) Slave: A person held in servitude as a property

4) Savage: Wild, untamed, cruel, uncivilized, barbarous (barbarian/barbaric)

5) Commissioner: An officer in charge of a department of public service (enhancing the public)

6) Scholar: A learned person (expert in the field that can also teach others)

7) Alhaji: A term of respect for a Muslim man who has completed one of the five pillars of Islam by going on a Hajj
(Mecca in Arab land)

8) Terrorist: Systemic use of terror as a means of coercion

Nigeria is a nation that solely depends on Niger-Delta oil for survival and the Niger-Delta oil is about 98% of Nigeria’s revenue. It is also a nation ruled by people of the Islamic faith (for about 70% of the time), who enjoy punishing and oppressing the Niger-Delta people for their oil. It is because of this injustice that has spanned about 40 years that a God-sent movement called MEND (Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger-Delta) was born. MEND has fought diligently not only for their human rights and freedom, but also for Nigeria as a nation to redefine itself as a civilized nation in the 21st century. MEND has even gone as far as reducing Nigeria’s revenue and destroying some oil facilities to show its seriousness, but the Nigerian slaves of Islam refuse to read God’s writing on the wall. Instead, the obedience of spreading Islam based on the teachings of their Arab masters is more important than bringing the nation together peacefully.

Now, Islamic Nigeria has now formed a group called BOKO HARAM, which means that education is illegal (some say that it is western education). The leader of the group was Yusuf, who was supposed to be an Islamic scholar and teacher. How can a scholar and teacher by profession be opposed to education? Even if he was only opposed to western education, how did his jeeps, armors, bombs, and cable technology come about? So Yusuf by the standard of ISLAM is a scholar that hates education and a teacher that mobilizes young men to fight the police and the government. Now, I see why Nigeria is properly governed by Islamic people. Yusuf, the Islamic scholar, educated his savage troops of Islam to go destroy cities in Bauchi, Kano, Yobe, Borno, and was even planned on attacking Abuja and Lagos in the south.

The sponsor of the barbaric Islamic version of civility that killed so many police, soldiers, innocent citizens, and fellow Muslims was Alhaji Foi. Alhaji Foi has not only returned from the Hajj in Mecca, because Nigeria obviously has no holy city where God is worshipped, he was also a former Commissioner of Religious Affairs in the first term of the Governor of Borno, Governor Sheriff. Foi also served twice as the chairman of Kaga Local Council in Borno, and he is a citizen of Niger Republic. So by the standard of ISLAM, a certified mass murderer from Niger Republic, who has earned the title of Alhaji from MECCA, can be a commissioner and Local Council Chairman in Nigeria, but the Niger-Delta people cannot be the Minister of their Petroleum or chair the Niger-Delta Commission. In fact, the only reason why he is not serving as a Commissioner in Governor Sheriff’s second term is because the Governor warned that anybody harboring terrorists must leave his government or be forced out (not arrested). So Governor Sheriff of Borno State, along with other notable Muslims in Borno, is solely responsible for the deaths committed by BOKO HARAM. Why call them terrorists if the Governor never knew what they were about and why would Alhaji Foi truly resign from his government because of their known activities?

So ISLAM has not only proven to be a murderous and savage religion in Nigeria, but has also proven to be a religion of slaves who have no control over their reasoning for the benefit of their nation, but rather, for the satisfaction of their distant Arab masters. Is the spread of Islam more important or of any value compared to good health care, thriving agriculture, factories manufacturing Nigeria products for exports, electricity for Yusuf to watch cable, or producing airplanes for Alhaji Foi to fly to Mecca? It is because of this same ISLAM (for Arabs, not Africans) that women were lured from all over northern Nigeria to Foi and Yusuf’s base to do nothing useful order than to study the Koran and be better Muslims in BOKO HARAM. They probably did this so that people will not be suspicious of the women’s neglect while their ISLAMIC husbands are killing police and burning down Muslim cities. Is it a crime for these women to study to be better doctors, teachers, engineers, and lawyers in their original places of residence? If this is the usefulness of ISLAM, are the atheists and satanic worshippers not better off?

At this time, I have no other choice than to encourage the south of Nigeria to think seriously about their independence from this savagery. If the Nigerian slaves of Islam refuse to repent and change their ways by mid-night of September 30, 2009, in terms of their oil decisions, political appointments, and Islamic riots, then the Yoruba, Igbo, and southern Governors should go ahead and declare independence instead of talking about MEND’s amnesty. After all, the Nigeria army can’t fight all of us and moreover, our citizens in the Army know that they have a better chance economically and politically with the new nations than the failed ISLAMIC governed Nigeria.

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