The Value of a Black Republican
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
September 18, 2008
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I try not to label any group with any political party, but instead see a group as believing in the ideology of a particular party or parties. Unfortunately, there are only two dominant political parties in the United States, and Black America tends to favor the Democratic Party. How I wish there were more parties to choose from or the Republican Party can do enough to attract more Black voters. If Republican Presidential Candidate, McCain, has given up on Black voters, who then are the Black Protesters that went to disrupt Obama’s campaign at the University of Miami?

In order to answer this question, we first have to understand the psyche and mentality of a Black Republican to the Party. By listen to the speeches of McCain, Palin, and their Republican supporters, it is obvious that the Republicans have no respect and idea about the economy, employment, health care, education, and national unity. All they ever do is praise war heroes, promise tough stance, and beg the people to fight with them. Of what use is a war hero who will return to bad health care and unemployment? Of what use is a tough stance without telling us how you will implement it? This is the reason why Black Americans, one of the most impoverished, most uneducated, most unemployed, and the most in need of health care among the races, flee from the Republicans.

According to the Rasmussen Report on September 2, 2008, the Republican base make up 33% of the regular voters in America compared to a Democratic 39% base. So the only way to win an election is to convince weak minded Americans that no government control, morality, military might, and heritage is of a higher value for a greater America than good economy, education, and health care. One of the ways they carry out this plan is through the church and places of employment. Blacks generally are a defeated race and are scrambling for economical and political relevance, so the few who feel fortunate enough to be accepted in White churches and White dominated jobs will do whatever it takes to maintain this alliance even if it means dishonor to their family and communities. At these places, the Blacks follow and dear not speak. Their opinions do not matter because unlike the rest of their relatives, they do not only have a job but it may be paying very well. Soon, they begin to stay away from their less privileged people in favor of the green pastures and opportunity guaranteed by church mates and employers. Unconsciously with time, it becomes easier to follow the Republican doctrine that is against their progress collectively than the Democratic doctrine that would fight from them individually towards self enhancement.

McCain and the Republicans depend on racism, lies, and military might to win elections, and do not have to dedicate extra time and resources to get Black American votes. The goal of Republicans is to create wealth for their top 5% and trickle it down to the rest of their base through church, heritage, and military related programs. They do not have the interest of their country at heart. They talk about country’s image not the people in it. They elect illiterates who believe that military might over other nation’s resources is a better economic plan that a better education for self productivity through peace.

The Black Republicans like Michael Steele, Angela McGlowan, Clarence Thomas, and Condi Rice do not live for country, military, or race. They simply live for the money and the shadow of White Republican power. This is very obvious when you watch them speaking on Fox News channel. You can actually look into their souls and see that they too do not even believe some of the things they are saying. They try very hard not to contradict or look ridiculous because what they say is not even from the heart. They are simply doing this to have what their relatives may never have, or to get to places they parents never got to. This is how some Republicans and some Racist Christian organization can get an organization like to organize a group of confused Black men to go stand against the only hope of Blacks and America. On, their leader claim that Obama is evil and will ruin the country, but claims that the Republican party is for Blacks and are disappointed that Blacks have returned to the slave masters (Democrats).

I will encourage all Americans and Blacks to be strong on the path of change and progress. Individual ability for all to succeed is a greater accomplishment for a free and brave nation such as America, than to intentionally destroy the economy just to put wealth in the hands of a powerful few, which will be redistributed only to their political base.

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