The Value of IBB to the West
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
April 14, 2010
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I did not know the value of Nigeria until I came to the United States. While in Nigeria, I thought you just woke up every day, eat, go to school, play soccer, and pray to keep passing your exams. It was when I came to America for college that I realized that there was a difference between a free nation (America) and a colonized nation (Nigeria). Despite the fact that the two countries were both under British rule in the past, America has long defined itself and its destiny, but Nigeria has not. In fact, Nigeria still does not have an official President or cannot find the President after 5 months of departure. The first thing I noticed in America was that they decided want they wanted, figured out how to implement what they wanted, established what they wanted, go to church once a week for 45 minutes, and then prayed for success. Nigerians on the other hand, go to church 3 times a week, spend the whole day in the spirit and speaking in tongues, and hope that God will grant them what they are yet to decide on, implement, nor establish. Even God first decided that there should be light, before HE said that there should be light, and then HE saw that it was good.
All Nigerians and Black people, no matter their level of literacy, ethnicity, religion, or status, must under that the wealth of Europe and Arabia was and still is built on Black enslavement. Africa and all Black Peoples have a very large population, so keeping us under physical enslavement with time will become too costly and unprofitable for them. Since population control and fear of imprisonment has not really worked to keep us as free or cheap laborers for sustenance, the most profitable way to maintain Black slavery (also segregation, racism, apartheid) is to make sure that we have bad leaders. It is the system of using one or a few of us to keep us captive without us seeing the face of the actual captor. The role of the bad leader is not just to make laws that enrich the captors at the expense of the locals, but most importantly, to convince the next generation that the bad leader is right and their parents are wrong. The aim is to make a fool the King and give him a dime in Swiss Bank for every unaccounted millions you take from his people. So whenever the parents tell their children to go to school and work hard, the children basically ask their parents to be quiet and demand to see what they have to show. Why go to school, work hard, and have thriving legitimate businesses? After all, the King is an illiterate soldier, have criminals and 419 as friends, pays many prostitutes, and he is rich. It is a whole lot cheaper and more profitable to the west to use one man to lead generations astray to become their cheap laborers as prostitutes, international students, illegal immigrants, imprisoned worker or prison industrial complex, refugees, and also take fees from their money transfers back home than to have their soldiers keep us in physical bondage.

Unknown to many Nigerians in Nigeria, Nigeria is the pride of the Black race. No matter the advancements made in Ghana, South Africa, or North Africa, the entire Black world looks up to Nigeria the same way we look up to America. Go to any sports bar to go watch any soccer or track event Nigeria is participating in, unless their country is participating in the event, almost every Black person in that room is for Nigeria. Many pray for Nigeria more than Nigerians because Nigerian success and honor is also their success and honor. They all know that if Nigeria can stand in terms of politics, economics, oil, infrastructure, agriculture, industry, and trade that it will officially signify the end of Black slavery and economic strangulation globally. Europe and Arabia cannot afford to allow this because Arabia is a desert and Europe is cold. Resources must come out of Africa in unaccounted mass quantities for their survival. This was the original purpose of colonization anyway. This last thing they want is that Africans, Black people, or their cheap wealth generators to now believe in themselves, have plans for their future, defend their homeland militarily, dictate prices for their accounted resources, control world trade, and produce enough to eat and sell. They know that Jonathan is an educated Southerner Nigerian, so he owes no favors or allegiance to the west, Arabia, Britain, their WAZOBIA, nor their Northern oligarchy. They know Jonathan will most likely not dance to their tune and he is going to do his very best in the one year he has because an educated Southerner may never have a God given chance to rule Nigeria again. It was just God that removed YarAdua for this opportunity to develop Nigeria among the civilized nations. So Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB) must come in 2011 to prevent the Nigerian train from leaving the station again at the expense of Nigeria.

If Nigerians and the Black race understand what I have written above, then we must change the way we live and tackle the bull by the horn. We have been economic slaves and cheap laborers for over 500 years, and they are determined to keep it that way to maintain their wealth and way of life even through religion. We cannot afford to shame God nor our children. The world is the way it is now because Black people have no voice in their counties or the global community. Blacks are not just the most powerful force on this planet, but are also the original humans that God made from which other races were derived. IBB’s Presidential Bid for 2011 is a litmus test to see how civilized, politically savvy, and economically ready Nigeria is for the modern era. If IBB gets on the ballot or ever rules Nigeria again, then all Nigerians must have the decency to hide from God and remind their children that they are all slaves.

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