Golf Icon Tiger Woods and Jesper Parnevik: A Lesson for Poor Children & Women
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
December 3, 2009
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Despite all the successes and accolades that have been bestowed on Tiger as a golf icon, to many Blacks around the globe, he is nothing but a symbol of Black inferiority. Tiger is seen by many as the image of a Black person who believes that he must separate himself from his people and cater to the needs of others in order to become successful.

Poor children must understand that a kind word of support or a dollar even from a poor Black is always more valuable than a smile and millions from others. No matter what, always surround yourself with your people and people with the same ambition. This is where Blacks fail compared to other races in terms of business, employment, promotions, and social life. While other races marry Black women with royalty, degrees, and status; Tiger, a Stanford graduate, settles for the White nanny of a White golfer – Jesper Parnevik.

Jasper now says that he thought Tiger was a better guy (for his nanny). Why didn’t he introduce Tiger to his wife’s best friend instead if he genuinely had any respect for Tiger? This is because in America, it is usually the Blacks who think lowly of themselves and will never elevate their people that are given the opportunity to rise and then die. They die because there is never anyone to hold them when they are falling. Poor children must understand that it is always better not to have than to have anything that does not enhance your community.


Thanks for reading my article on Tiger Woods. Some of my critics have disagreed on the fact that being surrounded with your people and people of similar understanding will only lead to more poverty and lack of growth. These people only assume that Blacks tend to be poor only because of their culture and thinking, and not because of a system that is replicated to keep us as their economic consumer through poverty and little opportunity. Maybe I should have said surround yourself with your people and people with similar ambition.

In response to Kwesi Johnson, we love successful Black people and we would like to celebrate them on a daily basis publicly, but we do not want our children to feel that it is only those that seem not to care about our welfare or do not like to associate with us that succeed. We all ran out to embrace Tiger and still do at every game till today, but he says and thinks that he is Cablasian. How many descendants of slaves in America do not have White or American Indian blood in them? Is his father not still black despite the mixtures? All I want our children to understand is that we must learn to succeed while embracing ourselves.

Kwesi must know that there are Blacks whose White wives speak African languages, go to Black churches, invest in African villages, and cook African dishes from the heart. I am not saying that Tiger should run away from White women, I am saying that Tiger should at least have some regards for and reach out to those who look like his father in his stands for multiculturalism. Muhammad Ali did it courageously and till today the world still calls him – THE CHAMP.

In summary, I am not necessarily tearing down Tiger woods, but rather, the SYSTEM he represents by helping to mislead our children, who look just like his father.

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