Tithe for God’s Civil Rights
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
Dec 2007
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The purpose of tithe and offering is to do God’s work and increase the kingdom of God. Using Jesus, Mohammad, Confucius, and other prophets as examples, it seems that the work of God is to maintain justice and fairness among all people in any society. To speak for and to seek the truth in all matter without favor for politics or religion regardless of race, gender, or creed.
The ultimate purpose of God’s work is to establish and maintain fairness of law to all citizens and guest – a replica of paradise. This is what the holy ones and the prophets have spoken about for ages and many of them died for this unshakable truth. So, is the money in God’s temples and churches doing God’s work? Are you accountable for how your tithe and offering is doing God’s work? A man who protects a murderer by being silent is a murderer. A man who does not investigates where and how his money goes possess the spirit of poverty. A holy man who gives tithe and offering but does not make sure that money bring justice to all, including his children, has the Devil as his God. If you cannot vow that your money is doing God’s work by creating fairness and justice, then that money is most likely enhancing poverty, greed, oppression, and injustice somewhere.

If you Pastors, Imams, Priests, and Rabbis cannot show you and your family how your money for God’s work is providing justice and fairness for the society, we will have to leave and put God’s money elsewhere. If the church of God is not in position to try to elect leaders of the people regardless of race and gender that will be fair to all, we must leave. If they are not fighting the justice system that finds against a certain group, then we must go. If the temples are not fighting to make sure employment and opportunities are equal, just, and fair, then we must take our money elsewhere because the Devil can even do better. Prayer only works when we act. Many places of worship today are just there to collect our money and pray without action, while the money is spent in pleasure with those they need to be fighting to do God’s work.

If the churches are only interested in the White American Christian right agenda of electing conservatives whose wealth and ways of life is based on the capitalism of man-made free labor and discrimination, then all children of God must spend their weekends with family, giving to the needy, and joining civil rights organizations. This is how to live a godly life in today’s America. Joins a civil right organization today and carry out God’s divine purpose in assuring justice and fairness for all in God’s nation.

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