True Owners of Nigeria and Black People
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
Nov 2007
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An owner is defined by the Webster Dictionary as one who has or holds as property. Many people will think that it is the British, French, or other world powers that own Africa because they colonized it. Please upgrade yourselves from that level of thinking because I am about to introduce you to things that happened before colonization and before the Pope condemned anything black as evil in 1505.

In 1096, an organization was formed called the Knights Templar and was even ordained as a military order of the Catholic Church in 1129. Its original purpose was to protect Jerusalem and the surrounding Holy Land for European pilgrims after its conquest. It was not long that they killed the Arabs and Jews in the area and made it their home for about 90 years. They also succeeded in claiming and making the world believe that they found all kinds of holy relics linked with Jesus, Mary, John the Baptist, and the apostles. This made them the most loved charity of Europe as they grew in power and membership. They also invented sophisticated banking systems that are still used today, build fortifications across Europe and the Holy Land, and began to manage the wealth of kings, land, and resources across Europe. It was in 1187 that a Muslim leader by the name of Saladin chased them out of the Holy Land. The leader of the Templar was usually English or French Kings or their noblemen during the crusades, and King Richard I of England was the leader when they lost to Saladin.

By 1307, The Pope, Kings of Europe, and the Nobles were in debt up to their necks to the Templar for their services ranging from building and masonry of fortified castles across Europe, hiring to crush military coup against Popes and Kings, and storing their corrupt monies in their sophisticated banking systems. This was when King Philip IV of France collaborated with Pope Clement V to have them banned for treason against God and the Church. He accused them of their secret and satanic rituals, and how they swear to the Devil, practice Middle Eastern traditions, and how they spit on the Bible. In the movie titled “The Good Shepard”, it showed how the secret organization “Skull and Bones” (offshoot of the Templar) bath and wrestle in mud or contaminated water while their older members urinate on them from above. It also shows how they answer to a man of the dead dressed in skeleton, and how they say their deepest secrets to one another as they confess while lying inside an opened coffin. So King of France invited the Templar to France for an honorable event and all of the top members, including their Grand Master, attended. On Friday 13th, 1307, King of France arrested them and later executed most of them. This is why Friday the 13th is considered a bad day in European culture. It was the day that the wealth of Europe disappeared because the surviving Templar sailed away to Switzerland, and then to America and around. It was said that the King of France owed the Templar a value of almost 70% of France. This will eventually lead to Europe sailing to distant lands to colonize others for their resources, which will be used to replenish the needs and greed of Europe.

Although the Kings of France took back their castles and land, the Templar was gone with the monetary value to Switzerland. There they found safety and established the Swiss bank as we know it today. Swiss soldiers were very good mercenaries all over Europe because they loved to fight in foreign wars that do not concern them as long as you compensated them financially. This made them friends with the Templar. Some say that the Templar became the Swiss guards or mercenaries after they settled in Swaziland. After all, the Templar escaped France in 1307 and the first Swiss mercenaries were formed in 1497. They were so good at fighting and defending for money and resources that the Pope made them his personal Bodyguard by 1506. To this day, you must be a Swiss citizen to even be considered as a Vatican Swiss guard and work for the Pope.

Since the word “Templar” was no longer popular, they became different names in different places. Some became Swiss guards or mercenaries, Swiss bankers, Masons (freemasons), Ku Klux Klan, and Skull and Bones. The most popular ones are the Freemasons or simply Masons. They came into world recognition in 1717. They dominate the economic and political landscape of wherever they go. They have some much power and wealth to acquire property, businesses, recruit powerful members in any country or city, and have their members in powerful positions in almost any country. They have being known to elect European Kings, Popes, and Vatican bank and World Bank leaders. In fact, almost all the founders and early presidents of America were Masons. Washington, DC is designed by their rules and relics. In the mid-1800s the Masons got so powerful in America that the people rose against them to flush them out of all their political offices. President Bush (senior), President Bush, and John Kerry are notable members of the Skull and Bones (formerly called Brotherhood of Death), which became known in 1832 as an organization for wealthy White males only in Yale University. All of these groups do not admit Black people. It was in the later part of 1800s, when Blacks when now more enlightened about their quest for freedom and independence, that the Masons saw it fit to start indoctrinating Blacks. This was not because they now like Blacks, but because they now needed agents to act as their representatives to control African resources.

It was obvious that the wind of change was near and White masons could not run Africa directly, So Blacks began to get indoctrinated to become the Presidents, Prime Ministers, Judges, Imams and Priests, to keep control of the resources. This was what led to the creation of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1865, because some White Masons refused to accept the equality of Blacks. So they became the Knights against Black progress. In fact, Blacks are not admitted into White masons in America, they have to join through England, who already has a tradition of allowing Blacks due to the above reasons. The Black mason are not really equal to their colleague and often do not rise very high in Europe. This is because Blacks became only members to lead the resources from Africa to Western banks, and not to help decide what it is used for at the table of leaders. Blacks to them are a cheap labor force to generate the resources for their bank. So in America, they have the Black Masons separated from Whites. Each member’s job is to control the land and resources, regardless of race, and to direct it to the bank of the general Templar (Swiss bank).

How does Nigeria and Africans get out of this mess? A descendant of a Black Mason once told me that he was always worried about how the money just kept flowing on holidays, even when his parents were unemployed. I was worried why Nigeria was the sixth largest oil producer and was importing oil produce while the Delta people were starving. It is because the job of the President and the Governors is to keep the Swiss Bank happy directly or indirectly. In the movie “Nuremburg”, that was why Hitler and the Germans turned against the Masonic Jews (they could not differentiate them from good Jews) and passed laws that they forfeited all their wealth and leave them in Germany in mid-1900s. This is the same reason King Philip IV and Pope Clement V executed them in France in 1307, and the same reason Americans chased them out of Politics mid-1800s. They suck the nations dry through their appointed leaders for these countries.

Nigeria and Africans must rename themselves and abolish all ties with European treaty and agreement. Each ethnic group must sit to define how they want to coexist and how they want to share power and resources. It should be a Nigerian and African law of Government that keeps our leaders accountable for our resources or have them and their families punished by death. All leaders must publicly swear that they have no bounds with any secret organizations- local or foreign (all the same), and all their resources and children must be within the country. It is the scarcity of resources that lead to religious tensions, tribalism, and nepotism. If we managed our resources for ourselves, we will have so much and forget our differences. Europe is united because they have and manage plenty; African is disunited because our resources are in Europe and so have to fight each other for sustenance. If we do not want to use King of France’s style of revolutionary execution of our leaders for treason, then they better step aside and let us manage our resources for our children and not the Templar of Swiss Bank.

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