Uganda World Cup Blast: Islam Hates Africa
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu July 15, 2010
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I believe that the worst enemy for Africa in the 21st century is neither the HIV/AIDS virus nor European colonization, but rather, Islam.   

With proper health education, adequate skills to earn, and genuine knowledge of African history and culture, we can rid Africa and Blacks from the first two plagues.  As for Islam, Black Africa and the rest of the world, who loves God and freedom, must keep this religion within the Arabian Desert.   

Despite all the havoc that befell Africa due to European colonization, we can at least claim that we got formal education and western technology out of it.  What has all of Africa benefited from Islam today apart from bloodshed, tears, terrorism, illiteracy, and self-hate even on the very day that the entire world was to celebrate all of Africa for completely staging the most successful World Cup ever?  Yet again on July 11, 2010, the very finals of the FIFA World Cup on African soil, Islam stole the joy, respect, and dignity of Africa for the sake of the Arab religion.   The illiterate and misguided Africans of Islam proudly destroyed African lives in Uganda for the sake of Arab quest to the detriment of African accolade. 

Islam is good for the Arab but has always been evil for the African.  Its African followers have not only turned their backs on the African (Canaanite Jew) called Yeshua (Jesus), nor followed their African gods and deities, but rather, they have chosen to embrace an Arab way of life that openly refers to Blacks as slaves (abt) even on African soil to this day.  African Muslims like to say that there is a difference between Islam and Arab culture, but a God is a representation or reflection of that culture. 

All Africans and Black peoples who have the genuine fear of God and believe in freedom as well as self-respect must do whatever it takes to keep Africa clean from Islam.  Islam is for Arabia; Yeshua and the African deities are for Africa.  Let the Arabs worry about their Islam and stop being used to kill fellow Africans.

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