Unfair Income & Salary Disparity between Whites and Blacks in America
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
Dec 2007
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I was reading the Atlanta Journal Constitution last week and it showed that the median White American income or salary was $60,000 annually, while the Black median income or salary was just $35,000. So Blacks make about half (58%) of what the Whites make annually.

On the same page was a chart that compared income progression by race and gender from 1974 to 2004. It showed that in these 30 years, White males used to earn $41,000 but now earn $40,000 on an average. The difference between a median and an average (mean) is that a median looks at an ordered distribution and takes the middle figure while an average (mean) adds all the figures in the distribution (ordered or not) and divided the sum by numbers of figures in the distribution. So while the median looks for the middle of different income levels, the average (mean) looks for middle of all the levels. On the same chart and for the same period, the Black male went from $29,000 to $25,000. The Black Woman went from $12,000 to $21,000 while the White woman went from $4,000 to $22,000.

A good analysis of this statistic shows that the White man currently makes 98% of what he once made 30 years ago while the Black man now makes about 86% of what he used to make in the same time frame. Black women in the same comparison now make 175% while the White woman now makes 550% of what they used to make. This does not only show that White women are the main benefactors of affirmative action and civil rights, but it also shows that White America transformed American wealth from one side of White America to the other – from daddy to mummy, but daddy is still the boss.

While the White man remains basically the same, why has the Black man gone down by 14% and the women of both races have skyrocketed? Matching these statistics with American history, there was a time before 1974 where the White man made almost all the money while their wives stayed at home and the Blacks were free or cheap labor. With time and societal demand for equality, the White man had to live up to the American creed of freedom, justice, and equality. While the booming economy opened up, many women were still at home by 1974 while the men went to provide for their families. It also seems that marriage was still strong and only one income was needed to sustain the family unlike in 2004. Despite the fact that the Black man that works still makes a little more than the women that work, we all know that the number of Black men that have jobs can not be compared to the number of women that work. This is as a result of the United States Judiciary Systems and the Prison business that still relies on the Black man as a free or cheap laborer. This is done by building jails and prisons in their neighborhoods and filling the prisons and jails up for minor charges at a very young age that many races do not worry about. This leads to Black boys growing up to become better adult criminals and basically lead a life of unemployment when they come out.

While the Whites and the Black woman keep ascending with the American economic boom, the legal systems will help to keep the Black man as the generator of the booming economy. If fathers from the neighborhoods must fill up jails and prisons to justify the billion dollar prison infrastructure and supplies even for minor crimes, then there will be more fatherless boys living on low income. Many will have to go out and fend for themselves with little skill or education, get young girls pregnant without fatherly supervision, anger and frustration leads to alcohol and drugs, and ultimately go join their fathers in confinement and help boost the profits of the American economy by providing cheap labor.

The only way out of this is the segregation of Black economy. Black America, which is supposed to be the most educated, most advanced, and the most opportunistic Black population in the world, has almost no controlled resources in American soil. What they must do with their political and national advantage is to unite with Africa and the Caribbean for a self-reliant economy. They and Africans living abroad are the people going to revolutionize Africa out of the grips of colonial mentality. Majority of the African politicians and people do not only lack the understanding of global politics and economics, but also lack the vision of transforming their resources into wealth for their citizens. They still operates on colonial levels of giving the resources to Europe and America worth billions while they get millions put in their personal Swiss account in Switzerland even away from the reach of their children. After African resources are used to build foreign industries, Africans are usually not hired for long or given a chance to get to senior management level at a respectable rate. This is why African politics must be revolutionized now or Blacks will be lost forever.

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