Election 2020: Vote for Joe Biden or President Donald Trump
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
August 27, 2020
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In the Presidential Election 2020, do we vote for the democratic candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, or the Republican candidate, President Donald Trump?

Before you can make a decisive vote, you have to first ask yourself what is best for you and your children’s future. Is the benefit of inclusion more profitable for you and your children or the politics of exclusion? From watching the democratic debate and democratic candidates, it is clear that they want the benefits of inclusion to make America greater against other nations of the world, but the Republicans or the GOP want the politics of exclusion to make American great again for a very selected few against others citizens of the United States of America (USA) even if America falls behind other civilized countries in the world.

What is the Politics of Inclusion?

The benefits of inclusion that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who are the democratic candidates, want is to rebuild an America where every citizen is allowed to get involved in the political process, economic development process, and social mobility process regardless of race, gender, age, ethnicity, disability, status, religion, sexual preference, or technology access. The goals is to give every citizen the peace of mind to plan and implement their strategies of the American dream for themselves, their family, their community, and America at large. By excelling in their American dream, it increases their opportunity to choose the best leaders in both local and national elections that would sustain their access to build more resources, become more responsible citizens as business owners and investors, as well as be able to purchase good legal representation to discourage both police brutality and injustice from the legal system.

What is the politics of exclusion?

The politics of exclusion that President Donald Trump and Mike Pence, who are the republican candidates, want is to rebuild the old America where a huge percent of Americans are unable to participate in the political process, are denied economic development, and have little social mobility. This is beneficial to republicans because it relegates non-members to a state of servitude in order to survive and build the wealth of members in exchange for little salary, no health care, and no retirement plans for non-members. Non-members will end up working for sustenance because they will be unable to vote for leaders that can support their American dream, have little access to both education and employment to compete for economic gain, and will definitely be brutalized by both the police and the biased judges because they can neither afford good legal representation or pay for bail. Judges and police help to guarantee both the killing and incarceration of non-members so that they live in fear, have unnecessary criminal records, lose their driver license and be unable to get to better paying jobs, discourage them from voting in a system they perceive is against them, and loss faith in living a good quality life by become reckless and self-destructive, which will justify the case for more politics of exclusion.

It is best to vote for President Donald Trump if you want non-member to build your political, economic, and social advancement to the detriment of their health, life, and American dream even if we lose the status of being the greatest nation on earth. If you love America and you want it to genuinely be the envy of the world, it is best to vote for former Vice President Joe Biden to give every citizen the opportunity to compete equally for their American dream and thereby maintaining America’s status as the shinning city on the hill that gives hope of freedom and success to all citizens as well as immigrants on their path to legalized citizenship.

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