What Black Parents Should Teach their Children - Goodwill, Recruitment, & Placement
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
September 20, 2008
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Nigeria is a nation with so much yet produces nothing, while Europe is a continent with almost nothing, yet has the strongest currency and controls almost everything even on foreign shores. I started observing how Europeans, who are supposed to be one of the smallest race, are able to maintain control and leadership for centuries. It was then I realized that it was the very thing our parents told us to stay away from – the act and skill of politics.

The Webster dictionary simply defines politics as the competition for power and leadership. So, if the average Nigeria parent told their children to focus on books and get a job from the government, or chastised them to stay away from politics because it was a dangerous game, then they were literally saying – let other lead you and you get the credentials to be a great follower. The skill of politics or politicking is so important that it is needed in the family, in marriage, in class, at the playground, at work, in government, and in dealing with people generally. It is a strategic way of getting what you want patiently without the opposition knowing or giving your opposition what they want in order for you to get what you need from them. After much observation, I have broken the European American politics and politicking tactics into four distinct categories.

The first category is what I call recruitment. Here they use their places of worship, employment, housing, or social club as a fishing hook. Usually, the best paying and respectable jobs, along with upper class houses and economically advanced churches are in extremely European dominated companies and neighborhoods. So when you get in, they watch and test you for about 6 months to see your level of consciousness and mentality. If they are not happy with your mentality, they will find a way to send you packing legally. They are looking for a Black who always agrees with them even when it is obvious that they are wrong or the opinion is against your progress. The Black has no voice or opinion, he just follows blind orders. After a while, he joins the big boys club and he becomes top manager or elevated member. By this time, the Black has lost his soul, and can no longer identify with his relatives, race, or culture. He becomes an individual who see nothing good in Africa, hates his name, pretends not to speak his language, but will arrogantly oppose you if you talk down on Europe, White Jesus, racism, or colonization. The goal is to make this Black the symbol of success and put him on a pedestal. The intention is to tell the rest of the Blacks, especially the younger ones, that to succeed, you must hate yourself and your origin for their sake. Within a year, one Black becomes 100 and none will even speak up or protest any decision against Africa or Blacks because Africa is now wrong.

The second category is the messenger of goodwill. Here they look for a credible and highly influential Black, which they have or think they have control over through their recruitment process and send him to discredit anything that will disrupt their agenda in a places they cannot reach successfully. Around 1996, when Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was hosting the first Million Man March in Washington DC, this disturbed a lot of Whites. Many wondered why in the nation’s capitol and why it was a national event? So they went around the nation to colleges, employment places, and social organizations to look for Black that have passed their recruitment process to send them as messengers of goodwill. About that time, a very good White female friend of mine came to meet me at the student center where I was studying and invited me to study with her at her table. It was not a big deal; after all, it was not the first time we studied together. It was not even up to 5 seconds of seating down that she asked me if it was not a shame that a Muslim minister should be calling the nation under God to address Blacks. She wanted to know what the Black Christians were doing to let a Muslim take the lead in a Christian country like America. I then explained to her that despite the fact that he is a Muslim, he has the right to call his race and people to be more responsibly to their family, businesses, communities, and their economics. Surprisingly, a white pastor seating nearby joined the discussion in her favor. It was then that I realized that I was surrounded by about 6 older Whites who were not even students; they were on a recruitment mission. I then told them the story of the Jewish prophet in the Old Testament who was paid to curse Israel 3 times, but the angel of God commanded him to bless Israel 3 times through his donkey. I then asked them if it was better for a donkey to bless America with a message or an American who is a Muslim. It was then the pastor changed the conversation to how far Blacks have come from slavery. They were looking for an influential Black student who will go get other Black students to raise negative postal, write bad articles in the papers, or talk on TV against the progress one of their own was implementing in order to create an atmosphere of disunity.

The third category is misguided importance. Here they make Blacks think that they are very knowledgeable, but the knowledge is filled with their lies. In 2006 when I went to Johannesburg, South Africa to promote my book titled “The Political and Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land”, my host who was a retired White engineer read a portion of the book. He was so impressed that he called to his wife that he finally found a Black African that was making sense. He was worried that the Africans were not challenging the spread of the Chinese on African soil. He was not happy that on one hand, Whites have to deal with Iraq militarily, but also have to deal with China economically even on African soil. He was not saying that Africans should fight China for African enhancement or productivity, but instead to oppose Chinese advancement in favor of Europe. This was the same book I sold to the Africans on my soccer team, and in church two years earlier. After reading the first chapter or the book, many of the Africans started doubting my Christianity. Some even claimed that I did not reference enough books; other said I made blind statement about the Bible. Was that the purpose and message of the book? Only a fragment were bold enough to admit that they went back to read my biblical references and found out that they either never read that part of the Bible before or there were totally misguided. This was a book I wrote for Africans, but it is the Europeans buying it in bulk. The Africans hate it because it does not follow the conventional teachings of the Bible, but yet does not contradict it. Around the same year, I was a teacher in high school, a young White girl asked her mother to buy the same book for her grandfather as a Thanksgiving gift. I was a little scared because the grandfather was a retired professor and researcher from Emory University, and the book did not really favor European ideals. To my surprise, she came back after the 4-day holiday to tell me that her grandfather did not really participate in the festivity because he could not put the book down. So she went to get her friends to come buy the rest of the copies I had. The gold God gives the Black man is always collected by another because other look for truth and facts, but we rejoice on glorified lies and fail to see the gold. Even on African soil, the White man gets to the oil, gold, silver, and diamonds before the Black man wakes up. The White man is focused on controlling our resources, we are focus on what the White man and Arabs are saying.

The fourth and final category is timing and placement. Here they make sure that Blacks are not in decision making places, so that important event and situations are scheduled at the time the competent Blacks will be unavailable. Around 1997, there was an International Student’s President Election in my university, and an Igbo girl was supposed to be running against an Indian girl. To my surprise, the Igbo girl refused to show for her election and none of her closest friends cared to locate her. Since the African student made up about 65% of those in the room, we then decided to speak on her behalf to prevent her from being disqualified and still have a chance to win the seat. I was chosen to go speak on her behalf; after all I was in the International Student’s government years earlier and only stopped by to show support. Despite the fact that I did not know her plans and agenda, I went out there and gave her the best possible representation and stated that she had exams. To my amazement, despite the African majority, she still lost the election by a wide margin. It was obvious that the Africans voted for the Indian. I then demanded to know how the Africans voted when we outside the hall. It was then that I realized that the Africans, even from her ethnic group and high school alumni from Nigeria, turned against her just because she did not show up. After speaking to many of them, it was obvious that many expected her not to show up and have been told that she should be disqualified if she did not show. How did they know before hand that she will not show and what did the Africans do to make sure that she showed up? This is why the world does not take us seriously in economic and global affairs. In annoyance and humiliation, I went to dig up her phone number because we were not that close, and insisted that she explained to me what happened. She then explained to me that they moved the election date and time a day after the actual date and it fell on an exam period for her, and that she had short notice. This was when I realized what they did to her. Like in our college soccer days, in order to prevent the African or international students from winning every championship, our classmates and work mates in other teams would get the soccer schedule changed with short notice to have games around the time our key players were on our on-campus jobs or taking an exam. This means we must have a representative working for our interest in all field of life and speaking or disputing schedules on our behalf.

In summary and generalization, when the Black man is rushing to work in the morning traffic, the White leaders are still sleeping. Before the Black man returns home in the evening traffic, the White man has contacted and made appointment with all his recruits and messengers of goodwill. While the Black man is asleep after saying his prayers, the White man is giving instructions on how to utilize our misguide importance to place his recruits and messengers in strategic positions for the exact timing for implementation. By the time the Black man wakes up the next morning to repeat his routine and live out the result of the pitiful things he prays against, the White man is now asleep dreaming of the sweet result of his 10 year plan.

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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