What is Cancel Culture?
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
October 14, 2021
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What is Cancel Culture?

Cancel Culture is a form of persecution by ostracizing or disassociating an individual or organization from their followership, consumers, associates, or industry online or in person because of their action, speech, or beliefs with the intent to negatively affect their livelihood or relevance publicly.

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Who are some of the victims Cancel Culture?

The victims of Cancel Culture could be individuals or organizations and it could be celebrities or private people. In 1967, Three-time Heavyweight boxing champion, Muhammed Ali, was banned from boxing for three years and sentenced to prison for 5 years so that he could not have a professional fight because he refused to go to the Vietnam War for the United States. In 2016, Colin Kaepernick got sacked from the San Francisco 49ers and the National Football League (NFL) because he knelt down during the national anthem in protest of police brutality and racial injustices in America.

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How does Cancel Culture affect organizations & private lives?

In 1955, African-Americans in Montgomery, Alabama boycotted the Public Transit System of Montgomery (bus system) for over a year because of racial injustices and segregation laws of Jim Crow until the bus company went bankrupt. A Historical Black College and University (HBCU), Morgan State University’s Information Sciences & Systems (INSS) PhD program, which was ran by four Indian men in the early 2010s, refused to graduate a single black male in their PhD program for over a decade because they were non-dependent African men.

What are some advantages of Cancel Culture?

The advantages of Cancel Culture is that it can be a good tool to discourage hate speeches, discrimination, and to keep the rich and powerful people from being abusive. It can aid the equality of peoples and help create an atmosphere where all people can truly be free to thrive, excel, and prosper. For this to occur, the judicial systems and law enforcements must be just and fair even to the poor and non-influential in order to checkmate or censor any abuse from the affluent or powerful citizens legally.

What are some disadvantages of Cancel Culture?

The sad disadvantage of Cancel Culture is that the rich and powerful can also use it to intimidate and silent the legally maligned or weaker members of society. Many African-Americans were made to speak against Ali for not going to the Vietnam War for the USA around 1967 to save their jobs, but almost three decades later in 1996, Ali was given the honor of lighting the Olympic touch in Atlanta by the USA Olympic committee. In 2018, Dr. Larry Nassar with the USA gymnastics team and in 2012, Coach Jerry Sandusky of Pennsylvania State University sexually molested their young athletes for years, but everyone turned the blind eye to protect either their jobs or the opportunity to keep their children in the teams.

How can Cancel Culture bring freedom & equality?

The United State Senate and Congress can help enhance the advantages of Cancel Culture and minimize its disadvantage by removing old Jim Crow laws (Black codes) against blacks, improving immigration laws against Hispanics, and ensuring that women get equal pay and rights as men. Many of the rich and powerful base their hateful and discriminatory speeches and actions on these outdated laws in the 21st century America and usually get away with it untouched legally. This is why many people of color, women, and children are powerless in using Cancel Culture effectively as a tool to acquire both freedom and equality. Get 15% – 40% off Edo Language CDs & Books


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