What is the difference between Jews and Israelis?
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
October 10, 2021
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A Jew is a human that is a descendant from the Hebrew tribes of both Judah and Benjamin. Their country is called Judah and their capital is called Jerusalem. An Israeli is a human that is a descendant from the other 10 Hebrew tribes, excluding the tribe of Levi, who lived among all the other 12 tribes as priests. Their country is called Israel and their capital is called Samaria. The people of Samaria were called the Samaritans, who were Israelis that hated the Jews, and were rivals. (1 Kings 11)

What is the conflict between the Jews and Israelis?

The Jews had the promise of the messiah, the throne of David, and the city of God – Jerusalem, which were considered spiritual blessings, but the Israelis had the physical and historical blessings of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. God’s promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob without Jesus is just a promise of land, Moses’ law, and the prophets. Joseph was split into two tribes (Manasseh & Ephraim) to make 13 tribes, but the tribe of Levi (Moses, John the Baptist, & the Priests) had no land because God was their inheritance and their job was to live amongst the other 12 tribes as the government to represent God through laws and worship. (John 4)

Why did the Jews always avoid the Samaritans?

The Israeli felt inferior to the Jews because of the differences above and the Samaritans despised the Jews because of it. This is why Jesus always told his disciples, who were Jews living in Israel, to always avoid Samaria during their missions. This was the cause of conflict between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. Despite the fact that Jesus was a Jew from Judah by ancestry, he spent his early years in Africa (Egypt) and adult years in Israel (Nazareth in Galilee region – probably tribe of Naphtali). (John 4)

Why did Jews never accept Jesus as Messiah?

This is why the Jewish never accepted him as their messiah in his final days in Jerusalem, despite all his miracles and teachings. Jesus probably was more of an Israeli man with an African Egyptian accent than a real Jew from Jerusalem (viewed as a foreigner / immigrant). During Jesus’ trial, Pilate believed Jesus by calling him the “King of the Jews” and even made a sign of it on the cross against the Jews demanding his death, but the Jews rejected Jesus as the “King of Israel” because they saw him more as an Israeli rather than a Jew. (Mark 15) Get 15% – 40% off Edo Language CDs & Books

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