Which is the right religion?
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
October 10, 2021
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Was Jesus a follower of Judaism or Christianity?

Neither. Jesus was born into Judaism as his culture and way of life, but he always challenged the ways of Judaism as inconsistent with the ways of God. The followers of Jesus embrace Christianity as their way of life, but they are no different from other religions or spirituality without possessing the Spirit of God through Jesus. (Matt 23)

How do you become a Child of God?

Jesus was the Son of God and he wants us all to be Children of God regardless of religion or spirituality. Jesus expects all Children of God to have the Spirit of God, but you cannot have the Spirit of God unless God gives it to you through Jesus. It is a free gift from God based on the quality of your heart. You cannot follow Jesus without God’s Spirit and you cannot have God’s Spirit unless your heart is genuinely pure towards God – Goodness and fairness to humanity and the environment. (John 6)

How do you know or identify a Child of God?

The worst atrocities have being caused by all world religions and spirituality. They have participated in genocide, slavery, apartheid, segregation, Jim Crow laws, colonization, legalized lynching, police brutality, grand juries to free murders, denial of jury participation, unjust imprisonment, and suppression of voting rights to keep people oppressed or voting for people that make policies to achieve all these. Children of God, who have the Spirit of God through Jesus, opposes or stands against all these evils of the world. (John 14)

Which is the right religion?

Oppressed people are usually poor and unemployed. It is their lack of power that leads to frustration, depression, violence, and mental illness. All these keeps people from worshipping God or getting closer to God. Oppressed people may have many places of worship to rely on God’s guidance and protection because they are now hopeless about helping themselves due to powerlessness. The religions of the world are denying the people God’s blessings without being given or deserving the Spirit of God through Jesus. (Matt 19) Get 15% – 40% off Edo Language CDs & Books

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