Why Blacks are Highly Unemployed in America - Facebook, Graigslist, Courage, & Foreigners
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
July 8, 2010
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What puzzles me most is the way other minorities outperform Blacks economically in America. After much observation, I came up with 4 habits Blacks must embrace if they are to successfully overcome their unemployment problems.

First, Blacks need to spend more time together, especially at lunch, to know each other and share ideas even if their colleagues disapprove of it. Black must accept the fact that it is more beneficial to be together like other peoples than to be isolated from information. While others sit together and even speak their languages openly, many corporate Blacks must have others among them to be socially acceptable.

Second, Blacks must learn to live for themselves and not for others. Blacks are too worried about what others think and losing a paycheck. Many Blacks are not themselves at work, have no voice, are placed in a box, and are depressed. Like others, it is about time Blacks show that their freedom to contribute freely at work is more important than the pain of keeping a demoralizing paycheck.

Third, Blacks must have the courage to stand for truth. Unlike others, Blacks tend not speak up for each other against wrong doing at work. They prefer to keep that paycheck than to demand fairness collectively even if it means walking out together to put a stop to an unjust practice. Blacks would rather be quiet to keep the job.

Last, Blacks need to take advantage of foreigners. Rather than perceive them as labor migrants, they should see them as economic outlets for imports and exports. Foreigners come to get technology, money, and education; what are you getting in return? You can buy a cell phone for $100 on Graigslist and sell it for $400 in Africa. Like others, Blacks will only know this if they are close to them, visit them abroad, or keep them close on Facebook.

Until others realize that Blacks prefer their time together, themselves, their unity for fairness, and their love for foreigners over the fear of losing a paycheck just to belong, Blacks will forever live in the shackles of unemployment.

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