Why Black People Do Not See the Big Picture
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu.
March 17, 2010
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There was once a poor man who wanted to become rich. So he decided to go into to bush to capture wild birds for domestication. While domesticating them, he realized that he could deal with a couple of birds by himself, but was powerless against many. Since his wealth will be based on their meat, eggs, and reproduction, he had to figure out a way to prevent them from seeing the big picture. The picture was to overpower him together and run back into the bush and be free. In order to prevent this, he had to teach them to depend on him instead of each other, to make them grateful that his cage was better than life in the bush, and that he cared about each of them better than they cared about each other. As soon as he did this, the birds wanted to eat once daily instead of every minute in the bush. Instead of spending time with each other to plan and better themselves, they wanted to impress their master about their individuality through separation. Rather than love their freedom to excel in the bush, they wanted their master to love them. After many generations of meat and eggs, the poor master and his children became a renowned agribusiness while the birds forgot that they belonged to the bush despite their increase in number. It was the bush that had wealth not the master’s house. The poor man had a vision, but the birds did not.

Africa has always been the richest land, so the Europeans and the Arabs sat down at different times and agreed that they needed wealth to better themselves. Europe was cold and Arabia was a desert. Since the wealth was in a distant land and people lived there, they decided not to fight each other anymore and figure out how to get the wealth. It became clear that they had to conquer the people and steal their wealth, so they got their guns, canon, gun powder, swords, horses, and camels ready. After a few conquest and retreats, they soon realized that conquest was not the main worry, but rather, preventing the locals from seeing the big picture – their quest for wealth. Since they could not kill all the locals, did not really want to live there, but wanted control over the wealth, they had to give the locals something to keep them busy after each conquest. So they gave them religion with their image and language in exchange for their labor for resources. The goal of the religion was to teach them to depend on their religion instead of each other, to make them grateful that their way of life was better than the local life, and that they care about each local better than the locals cared for each other.

As soon as this happened, the locals no longer fought against external forces because they brought a better way of life through their god. The locals now wanted to eat only imported goods instead of their local stuff from which the imported goods were made from and shipped in at inflated prices. Instead of spending time with each other to better themselves, they wanted to impress their different religious masters about their individuality through separation. Rather than love their freedom to excel as a people, they wanted their various colonial masters to love them. After many generations of cheap labor and free natural resources to their masters, Europeans and Arabs have become a renowned economic and political force while the Africans are killing each other over religion as well as Chelsea versus Manchester United football.

Nigerians and the Black race fail to realize that their role in the current scheme of things on a global scale is to be a cheap and free laborer that generates wealth for Europeans and Arabs. It has gotten so bad that we no longer have to pretend to or want to bear their names, speak their language, or dress like them to get a contract or be given a job, but now, we line up at their embassies for weeks to get a chance to go to their land as prostitutes, menial laborers, or students. It is now more honorable to be enslaved, mistreated, and abused for a loaf of bread in foreign lands than to impeach YarAdua (a dead or vegetable President), rewrite our constitution, and define our nation. It is now nobler to hire a European coach who could not qualify his own country for the World Cup and pay him $40 million monthly rather than to see an African who qualified the nation at just $2 million a month. The Eagles must have forgotten that God made them for the freedom of the bush and not for the cage of the mind. While many Nigerians around the world are dealing with unemployment and lack of business opportunities from the bait in the cage, who is really in charge of the oil in the bush?

Thank to Islam, Christianity, the Bible and the Koran. While the Black race is praying to know God, get closer to God, find a good job, get a new contract, be promoted at work, find a good spouse, get a loaf to eat, traveling abroad to do any job, praying for any testimony, seeking the gift to speak in tongues and see visions, to become fluent in Arabic and kill anyone who does not pray to the east 5 times daily, other races are thanking God for the free unaccounted resources and cheap laborers coming out of Africa to enhance their economy and their political standing in the world through their immigration and prison systems. This is the big picture we do not see as a people – a condemned religious laborer in exchange for your resources. We need to take over our government, choose our leaders solely for our prosperity, and rewrite the constitution NOW!!!

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