Why Women Teachers have Relationship with High School Male Students
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
September 1, 2009
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While listening to Michael Baisden Radio Show on my way home today, males of all ages called in to provide evidence about how they either slept with their female teachers as students or how they knew of students that did. A 10 year old boy even called in and another talked about sleeping with his female teacher for over 3 years even through summer breaks. One of the most consistent realities was that it was done by mostly single female teachers.

I believe that this problem is as a result of today’s women trying to live a lie. Many women believe that true independence comes from building their careers without a meaningful relationship with a man. Despite the fact that some of these women made it with the aid of welfare, child support, alimony, or shady gifts from lovers, their pride is in not having a stable man around.

Some of the women of today do not really want a real adult male. They want a weak man or a boy that they can manipulate to their liking in the dark without the responsibility of a committed relationship that may steal their glory. I even remember my college days, where corporate and working women will come in their flashy cars under the cover of the night to pick up young freshmen boys who were even younger than their children, only to look independent and strong the following morning as if they never needed a man.

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