Why God Punishes Black People
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
Nov 2007
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Have you ever wondered why other races are advancing and the Blacks are not as a group? People have said that we appeared to be cursed because of slavery and colonization, but we are not the only one that went through this. How come the Jews, Asians, and Arabs went through this and are still a force to be reckoned with today. Why then are Blacks all over the world, including in Africa, falling behind economically and politically? I say because God is punishing us for allowing the Devil in our midst and for turning towards ourselves instead of our children.

I have read the Bible in every direction and I have noticed that a people that genuinely have God and are blessed by God always have vision, always put their children ahead in decision making, and will do whatever it takes to make sure their communities is the envy of all – right or wrong. If by chance they are moving the wrong way, God always intervenes and set them back on track. But so far, it is obvious to all, even to non-believers in a God, that God has forsaken Black people and their communities. The big question is: “Why so?”

I watched a movie titled “Nuremburg” over the weekend, and I noticed that the Nazi leaders that tortured the European Jews during their trial against humanity stood together and defended their actions, as well as Hitler (their leader) to the very end. The only one that appeared to turn against them was assured that he would be killed for treason if they survived the trial. This happened in 1945 when American was still torturing Blacks with lynching, burnings, hangings, segregation, as well as economic and political stagnation. Yet, America was both one of the judges and the main prosecutor that lead to the hanging of the Nazi leaders for their crime against humanity for what they did to the Jews. The point here is that even in defeat at war, and during their trial for their wrong, many of the German leaders stood together. Look at Iraq for instance. It has been conquered by the United States, Saddam has been killed, the nation’s army was dissolved, and yet the greatest army in the world cannot confidently say that they have victory after four years. In fact, they are so united in their differences that it has become a torn for President Bush and the Republican Party, and it is a main issue in the next Presidential election. What about the European Jews; a race that was supposed to be exterminated? They united in demanding for a nation in Palestine and they got it and they are currently the only nuclear power in the Middle East. Why has God forsaken Black people then?

In Nigeria, one of the most blessed nations of the world in Africa, where they have abundant natural and human resources is still one of the poorest nations of the world. It is also the sixth largest producer of oil, but its citizens import oil products. It is a country if invaded by the United States would hand over all their leaders dead for free and hope America gives them contracts to assist in exploiting their country for quick wealth. It is a country that always has a leader with low mentality and education at the expense of the educated and the experienced. It is a country that has leaders that are more interested in pleasing the western powers than standing up for the interest of their citizens because they want western good report and like to hide stolen wealth in western banks without penalty.

African Americans also have a similar problem in making sure that God has not forsaken them. They usually have the education and reasoning to be happy for someone else against themselves. When Clarence Thomas was been appointed to the Supreme Courts, Blacks supported him just because he was Black, despite the evidence that the life he had chosen or his views were not one with what Black America wants. Black Women are fond of celebrating Oprah and Condoleezza Rice as the first Black Woman Billionaire and first Black woman Secretary of States respectively. While these are great accomplishments, how many times have they used their position to take a risk to challenge the President, Supreme Court, and Congress for the fairness of all America people? Are they so scared of losing their money and power if they speak out for the progress and fairness of all or they simply do not relate to their people because they are so successful and can no longer relate?

They was never a time God came down himself, he always sent a human to do his work. God always sent a savoir, a leader, or a prophet to lead and guide his people towards their vision or destiny. It appears that most, if not all, Black leaders are usually from the Devil because they usually do not speak out, have a vision for their people, or simple prefer not to relate to their people because they are afraid of losing their jobs, money, or friendship with an external oppressor. God will continue to punish and forsake Black people until we learn to elect leaders and role model that speak for us, represent our vision, and are determined to make our communities and nations an envy for all peoples.

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