Why Most Whites Dislike African Americans in America: An Economic Solution
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
Oct 2007
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I was listening to a talk show on radio by Warren Ballentine, and someone asked why Whites hated Blacks so much. One caller said it was because Whites knew how competent Blacks were in out-performing them in almost anything. In other words, Whites maintain a hateful lifestyle towards Blacks to keep Blacks beneath them by making laws that undermine Black progress. Even former Atlanta mayor, Andrew Young, once joked in a TV show in Ohio that it is only when things get broken in the South that they hire Blacks into management positions to fix it. In life, there are two sides to a coin. We have heard the Black version of the situation, but we must also look at the White side of the same situation.

If a farmer has animals that ploughs his field, gives meat, provides milk, and produces eggs that are sold for dollars and in return he gives them grains that cost pennies, he becomes an agribusiness. You then imagine, that the livestock wake up one morning and say that they do not only want to sell their own product, but they also want a fee to plough. If this happens, the farmer will not only lose his income, but will not be a business for long. The only way out of this is to threaten the animals with death (lynching), imprisonment (restriction of movement), shortage of food (resources), flogging (police brutality), and passing laws to allow this treatment if necessary. Pharaoh once asked Moses who will be the slaves if he lets the Israelites go. What he meant was how do we maintain our profit and wealth if were let our cheap laborer that produces it go. This is one of the reasons that the United States will delay in addressing illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is great for any organized economy. It allows businesses to produce maximum profits by paying the immigrants almost nothing in return, even if it creates unemployment or reduces the income for their citizens.

In order to sustain White American wealth, they have to educate and train their children to dislike Blacks, to think and believe that Blacks are inferior, and encourage leaders that pass laws to keep Blacks in their place. European civilization does not exist without Africa. White American wealth is a myth without making Blacks poor, taking away their rights and privileges, and building prisons in their neighborhood as a business. When I was a manager with British Petroleum, the White managers were always saying that the numerous African managers were the reason that they never got good raises. They claimed and reasoned that British Petroleum could always get an African to do a better job for half of what they demanded. This appeared to be true to the best of my recollection. So if a White person really wants to have value in his life, he must make sure that there is almost no Black in his position level, company, or neighborhood because it will end up devaluing or hindering his progress. Blacks can call it racism, but Whites are legally maintaining their prosperity. The issue has really not been the competence, the intelligence, the productivity, and the creativity of Blacks, but how Whites can keep most of the wealth with little effort. If land and wealth is fixed, and producers must have the wealth, then Blacks must be the consumers by all means under the law.

If Blacks really want to gain their freedom, they can try one of four popular options. 1) They can move back to Africa to eliminate the labor force 2) Stop reproducing for many decades to prevent their children from entering the legal system 3) Attack all manufacturing and distribution centers including highways to destroy the wealth or 4) have an economic plan of independence.

Moving to Africa will not help because the Whites directly and indirectly elect the government there to carry out their production and profit making system at a cheaper cost to the detriment of the local citizens. Not reproducing may greatly affect the prison system and increase White production cost, but Blacks may suffer extinction. Becoming terrorists or freedom fighters may cripple the economy and leads to civil unrest within the country, if Blacks attack business centers. Many civilizations fell due to internal conflict, which may lead to the takeover by external forces, which Americans neither know nor understand. If White America fails to sit down with Blacks so that they can discuss and agree on how they fit in as a nation under a renewed or revised American law, then Blacks may go ahead and try to accomplish economic independence by 2010.

The Black athletes, entertainers, and millionaires can come together to build and own warehouses or distribution centers in major cities where they reside and take advantage of Black productions. Blacks produce a lot of things in their homes but at minimal quantity due to lack of capital. They produce clothes, food items, body and hair lotion, home beautifying goods, and a whole lot of other things. The role of the warehouse management is to maintain the quality of products, pay distributors and producers, and encourage production of diverse goods by Black populace. This will pull the Black families together to become a business unit regardless if they have other jobs or not. Black families can either become producers of goods or distributor of goods. The warehouse should also make sure that all production meet the demand and are available, and distributors must deliver to customers within 24 hours. Capital will no longer be an excuse to produce in small scale because the warehouse and producers will be in a contract. Families might end up coming together to meet production demand, exchange knowledge and skills, and even increase employment amongst families and communities. Customers should be able to order Black products straight from the warehouse online, and by phone through debit payments. If wealth is fixed, then Black production, Black employment, and unifying Black families based on a common interest of independence becomes the only peaceful way to attain true freedom in a country or global ideology that makes Blacks cheap laborers.

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