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2 Samuel 22:

David sang a song of deliverance to God for all the Lord had done for him. Always have the spirit of gratitude to God and to People. God loves singing and dancing through praise and worship. David calls God his rock that prevented his from death and destruction. David thanked God for hearing and responding when he called for rescue. He credited God for scattering and conquering his enemies. David claims that God is a shield for refuge against the enemies. He thanks God for making him king over nations of people he does not know because his faithfulness to God is paying off.

2 Samuel 23:

The last words of David and a list of the heavy men. David talks about a man who kills 800 men in a single battle and talk about various warriors who struck down the Philistines at various times to give Israel victory. Three men also broke through enemy lines to bring David water from the gate of Bethlehem, but David refused to drink the water because men risked their lives to get him something to drink – men’s loyalty to their king and king’s loyalty to his men.

2 Samuel 24:

God commanded David to carry out a census of Israel. In 9 months and 20 days, they counted 800,000 in Israel and 500,000 in Judah – a total of 1.3 million Israelis. It was because of David’s sin of killing Uriah to marry Bathsheba that God made him choose one of three options as his punishment. First was famine in Israel for 3 years, the second was enemies of Israel chasing him around the place for 3 months, or the third of pestilence for 3 days. David defaulted to God, so there was pestilence for 3 days and a total of 70,000 people died for his sin and not David. It was more of an economic, social, and political punishment and God then told the angel in charge of the pestilence to stop. Followers of God must have a say about who leads them rather than being quiet, staying away from politics, being too docile, or being too obedient. If you do not chose worthy leaders to represent you, it will be you and your children that will die for their political evil and incompetence. A leader’s error will always fall on its citizens.

1 Kings 1:

David was old and Adonijah, handsome son of David and next in line to Absalom, went ahead to declare himself king of Israel without his father’s consent. He even had a kingship feast without inviting Solomon or Prophet Nathan. So Bathsheba and Nathan made up a plan and informed David about it. Their plan was to make Solomon king because David had already promised Bathsheba that Solomon will be king. So David had the priest put Solomon on the kings mule and was anointed afterwards. David then sat on the throne and even David bowed when the people prayed that Solomon be greater than him. Solomon promised to spare Adonijah as long as he was a worthy man without making any trouble over the kingship issue. Solomon had the blessing of David and not Adonijah.


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