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English Edo English Sentences Edo Sentences English Translations
Baby iOmomo There are many babies in that house iOmomo bun vbe owa nii Baby many in house that
Back  Iyeke His back is very dry  Iyeke e wa ye kakaka Back his very is dry
back/return  re Go and come  Khian yo khian re Walk forth walk back
Bag, Bags iEkpo School bag iEkpo esuku Bag school
Basket, Baskets  Atete Chicken basket  Atete oghe okhokho Basket of chickens
bath  khue I have taken a bath  I khue ne I bath have
Bead, Beads  Ivie Beads are plenty in the market  Ivie bun vbe eki Beads plenty in market
Bean, Beans  Ehe We will carry the beans  Ma gha mu ehe We will carry beans
Beard, Beards iEtu Huge beard iEtu no bun Beard that many
beat  gbe Isiuwa beat the child  Isiuwa gbe omo Isiuwa beat child
beautiful  mose Women are beautiful  Ikhuo mose Women beautiful
become  khien The morning has become afternoon  Owie khien avban Morning become afternoon
Bed, Beds  Ukpo I have two beds  I mwen ukpo eva I have bed two
believe  yayi I do not believe  I ma yayi I do not believe
Bell, Bells iEgogo Ring this bell  Kpe egogo na Ring bell this
Belly, Bellies iEko His belly is small iEko ere ye khere Belly his is small
beside iokpen Beside the car iOkpen imoto Beside car
Bicycle, Bicycle  Ikeke This is a beautiful bicycle  Ikeke na mose Bicycle this beautiful
big  kpolo This house is big  Owa na kpolo House this big
big, mighty  gedegbe Big nose  Ikhue ne gedegbe Nose is big
Bird, Birds  Ayanmwen A duck is a bird  Ayanmwen ere kpekpeye khin A bird is duck this
Biscuit, Biscuits  Eka The Cow eats or is eating the biscuit  Emila rrie eka Cow eat biscuit
Body Lotion, Body Lotions  Ohi Put lotion on your body  Rrie ohi ye egbe Put lotion on body
Body, Bodies  Egbe This is my body  Egbe mwen na khin Body my is this
Book, Books  Ebe You go read your book  We ya tie ebe were You go read book your
born  bie Ota has given birth to two children already  Ota bie omo eva ne Ota born children two already
Bottle, Bottles iOgo Pour water into the bottle  Se amen ye ogo Pour water into bottle
Bottom of feet  Atatowe The bottom of his/her feet is very dry  Atatowe oghe wa ye kakaka bottom of feet his/her very is dry
break  guogho Owie broke the bottle (glass)  Owie guogho ogo Owie break bottle
bright  ba The sun is bright/shining  Oven ba Sun bright
bring  mu  Bring the chair  Mu aga re Bring chair come
Broom, Brooms  Owe Use this broom to sweep that floor  Ye owe na ya kpolo oto nii Use broom this to sweep floor that
Bucket, Buckets  Ikoba Take water from the well with the bucket  Ye ikoba ya se amen vbe ughia Use bucket to take water from well
bush  Oha There is bush at the back of the house  Oha re iyeke owa bush is in back house
but  sokpan She is a girl but she can't dance  Okhuo no sokpan e ghua gbe Girl is but not able dance
Butt, buttocks, booty  Onisan Big buttocks  Onisan no kpolo Buttocks is big
by iokpen By the river iOpken eze By river

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