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English Edo English Sentences Edo Sentences English Translations
can  kwe Are you able to jump?  We kwe ghua shan? You can able jump?
can  setin Ivie can do it  Ivie setin we Ivie can do
Cane, Canes  Asan Use the cane to chase the cow away from here  Ye asan ya khue emila ye evbana re Use cane to chase cow from here
Canoe, Canoes  Oko There are canoes in the market  Oko re eki Canoe is in market
Car, Cars / Vehicles  Imoto The schools has ten cars / vehicles  Esuku mwen imoto igbe School have cars ten
careful  heko Drive the car carefully  Heko fi imoto Careful drive car
carry  mu Carry my baby  Mu omomo mwen Carry baby my
Cat  Ovbieden The cat is in the kitchen  Ovbieden re ukoni Cat is in kitchen
catch  mu Catch that thief  Mu oyi nii Catch thief that
cause  sie Who caused or started the quarrel?  Gha sie ezo? Who cause quarrel?
center, midst  adesuwe There is a fly in the soup  Ikian re adesuwe uwomwen Fly is in the center/midst soup
Chair, Chairs  Aga Put/place the chair right here  Mu aga ye evbana Carry chair into/place right here
change  khien Water changes to steam  Amen khien ighogho Water change to smoke
chase  khue Chase the goat away from here  Khue ewe ye evban ree Chase/drive goat in here away  
Chest, Chests iEwe His chest is out (big chest) iEwe ere wa ladian Chest his very come out
Chewing Stick (Wooden Toothbrush)  Ukpakon This is Efe's chewing stick  Ukpakon oghe Efe na khin Chewing stick his/her Efe is this
Chicken, Chickens iOkhokho Efe's Chicken iOkhokho oghe Efe Chicken of Efe
Child iOmo The beautiful child iOmo no mose Child is beautiful
Child of the same father iOvbierha Is this your sibling on the father side? iObvierha we na khin? Sibling you is this?
Child of the same mother  Ovbiye      
Children  Emo The children are sleeping  Emo vbiere Children sleep
choose  hano You choose your own  We hano were You choose yours
chose  ze The senior chooses first iOdion oka ze Senior first chose
clap  kpobo Clap for Uyi  Kpobo ne Uyi Clap for Uyi
clean  khien Eki is cleaning the bag iEki khien ekpo Eki clean bag
Clock, Clocks iEgogo Put the clock over there  Mu egogo ye evbani Carry clock to over there
close  ghue Close that pot  Ghue akhe nii Close pot that
Cloth, Clothes  Ukpon Red cloth  Ukpon no ba Cloth that is red
Cocoa yam, Coco yams  Aka The cocoa yam is not well cooked  Aka ma ga Cocoa yam not done (well cooked)
Coconut, Coconuts  Ivin Use coconut water to drink garri  Ye amen ivin ya won igaire Use water coconut to drink garri
coinceit (shakara)  bebe This woman is too conceited  Okhuo na bebe gbe Woman this too conceited
Comb, Combs  Oyiya The comb is under the chair  Oyiya re ototo aga Comb is under chair
Combing  salo Osaze is combing his hair  Osaze salo eto Osaze comb hair
come  dee Osawe is coming  Osawe dee Osawe coming
come  lare Come here  Lare evbana Come right here
come  re Bring her  Rrie ere re Take her come
come out  ladian Leave there  Ladian vbe evbani Come out of over there
Community, Communities  Idun This is a good community  Idun na wa ma Community this very good
completely  fefefe She finished the food (completely) iO rrie evbaire fefefe She ate food completely
cook  le  Cook the food  Le evbaire Cook food
Corn iOka The farm is filled with corn iOka vbon ugbo Corn full farm
Cow, Cows  Emila The cow is on the road  Emila re ukpo Cow on road
Cream  Ohi  It is Otaren's cream  Ohi oghe Otaren no Cream of Otaren it is
create  yi God created us all  Osanobua o yi ma khia God who created us all
Crocodile, Crocodiles  Agbaka The crocodile is inside the river  Agbaka re uwe eze Crocodile is inside the river
cry  vbie This woman is crying a lot  Okhuo na wa vbie Woman is very cry
Cup, Cups  Ukpu This cup is beautiful  Ukpu na mose Cup is beautiful
Cutlass, Cutlasses iOpia Bring out the cutlass  Mu opia ladian Bring cutlass come out

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