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English Edo English Sentences Edo Sentences English Translations
dance  gbe Eki can dance very well iEki ghua wa gbe Eki can very dance
dance, dances  ikuu Watch the dance  Ghee ikuu Look dance
Day, Days iEde What day will you come?  De ede nu dee? What day will come?
describe  ghie Describe it to me  Ghie ere ma mwen Describe it to me
digantic   digba This market is very very big or gigantic  Eki na wa kakabo digba Market this is gigantic
Dirt  Iku Sweep this dirt away from here  Kpolo iku na ye evban ree Sweep dirt this in here away
dirty  gbiwen This house is too dirty  Owa na gbiwen gbe House this dirty too much
do  kwe Do you run?  We kwe rhule? You do run?
do  rhu Are you able to do it?  We ghua rhu ere? You able do it?
do  we Do it now  We nia Do now
do not  ghe Do not jump  Ghe ya shan Do not go jump
Dog, Dogs  Ekita You all look at the dog  Wa ghee ekita You all look dog
Door, Doors iEkhu Open this door  Kie ekhu na Open door this
drink  won Adesuwa is drinking water  Adesuwa won amen Adesuwa drink water
Drink, Drinks  Ayun Coca-cola is a drink  Ayun ere ekoki khin Drink is coca-cola this
drive  Fi Drive my car  Fi imoto mwen Drive car my
drizzling  filo It is drizzling outside  Amen filo vbe ohe Water drizzling at outside
Drum For water iEgbedin Pour water into the drum  Se amen ye egbedin Pour water into drum
Drum, Drums  Ema Uyi is a good drummer  Uyi ghua kpe ema Uyi can play drum
dry  kakaka His body is very dry  Egbe e wa ye kakaka Body his very is dry
Duck, Ducks  Kpekpeye The duck is swimming in the river  Kpekpeye khue vbe eze Duck bath in river

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