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English Edo English Sentences Edo Sentences English Translations
faint  kwo Idehen fainted  Idehen kwo Idehen faint
fall  de The comb fell on the ground  Oyiya de fie oto Comb fall unto ground
Family, Families iEgbe Our family is here iEgbe ima re evbana Family our in right here
family's morning greeting  layeru      
far  re Our school is far  Esuku ma re School our far
Farm, Farms  Ugbo The farm is near the house  Ugbo sike owa Farm near house
Father, Fathers  Baba Father has one out  Baba rie ohe Father gone out
Father, fathers  Erha Edugie's father  Erha Edugie Father Edugie
Female  Okhuo Osasu got married yesterday  Osasu rrie okhuo node Osasu take female yesterday
Female child iOmokhuo Where is your female child? iOmokhuo we vbo? Female child you where?
Find  guwalo You find it for her  We guwalo ne ere You find for her
fine  mose This is a fine pen  Eledi na mose Pen this fine
Finger, Fingers  Ikpianobo Five fingers  Ikpianoba isen Fingers five
finish  fo The beans is finished  Ehe fo ne Beans finish is
finish iofo It finished yesterday iOfo node Finish yesterday
first ioka You reached there first  We oka se evba You reach first there 
Fish, Fishes  Ehen There are lots of fishes in the river  Ehen bun vbe eze Fish plenty in river
Floor, Floors  Oto There is water on the floor  Amen re oto Water on floor
fly  tin Cats do not fly  Ovbieden e tin Cat not fly
Food  Evbaire The food is not done/ready  Evbaire ma ga Food not done
for  na Spoon for serving soup  Ekuye na ya se uwomwen Spoon for used serve soup
for  ne Kneel down for mother  Digue ne iye Kneel for mother
for   ni Clothes used for sleeping  Ewe ni ya vbiere Clothes for use sleep
forward  odaro Let us go forward  Ghi ma la ghe odaro Let us go to forward
free iohe Give her a free cloth  Rrie ukpon ohe ne Give cloth free her
Friend, Friends iOse Osawe is a friend of Usi iOse Usi ere Osawe khin Friend Usi his Osawe it is
front  odaro Front of cloth  Odaro ewu Front cloth
full  vbon My belly is full iEko vbon mwen Belly full my

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