Alphabet "I" - Infant, Insect, Into, Inside, Immediately ...
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English Edo English Sentences Edo Sentences English Translations
I  I I can run  I ghua rhule  I can run
I am fine ioyese      
immediately  babana Bring that bag immediately  Mu ekpo nii re babana Carry bag that here immediately
in  vbe In school  Vbe esuku In school
in  ye In here  ye evban In here
in, into  la The snake ran in the river iEyen le la eze Snake run in river
Infants  Ibieka These three infants  Ibieka eha na Infants three this
Insect, Insects  Ehenmwen There are many insects  Ehenmwen bun Insects many
inside  wuwere The rat ran inside the ground  Ofen le la wuwere oto Rat ran into inside ground 
into  fie Take the chair into the river  Mu aga fie eze Carry chair into river
into  fio Uyi fell into the river  Uyi de fio eze Uyi fell into river
Into  ye Into the river  ye eze Into river
is  a A cup is used to pour water  Upku a ya se amen Cup is use pour water
is  e Idehen is the senior  Idehen o e odion Idehen who is senior
is  na This is a goat iEwe na khin Goat is this
is io Unity is strength  Akugbe o etin Unity is strength
is  ye Is here  ye evban Is here
is in  re Is in here  Re evba Is in here
it iere Do it  We ere Do it
It is  khin It is a shirt iEwu na khin Shirt it is
it is  ne It is finished iOfo ne Finish it is
It is  no It is Osawe  Osawe no Osawe It is
It is good ioma It is good there iOma vbe evba It is good in there

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