Alphabet "P" - Pencil, Paper, Pillow, Plate, Press
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English Edo English Sentences Edo Sentences English Translations
pain  balo His hand is paining him seriously  Obo wa balo ere Hand very pain him
Palace, Palaces iEguae The King is going to the palace iOba rie eguae King going palace
Paper, papers  Ebe Write on the paper  Gben emwin ye ebe Write something on paper
Paternal female relatives iOte nokhuo      
Paternal male relatives iOtenerha nokpia      
patience  ifueko Use patience in everything you do  Ifueko a ya we emwin patience is use do things
patience  iziegbe Patience is good  Iziegbe ma Patience good
Pencil, Pencils  Eledi Take your pencil  Rrie eledi we Take pencil your
Pennis  Ekhia      
people  Emwan Not everyone can swim iE emwan hia o ghua khue vbe eze Not people all can bath in river
Pepper, Peppers iEkhien I have pepper in my farm  I mwen ekhien vbe ugbo I have pepper in farm
Pepperish Soup/Stew iEkhienoto There is meat in the pepperish soup  Imiowo re ekhienoto Meat in pepperish soup
Pepperish Soup/Stew  Owoto There is meat in the pepperish soup  Imiowo re owoto Meat in pepperish soup
Person iOmwan Who is the person sweeping  De omwan no kpolo? What person is sweep?
pet  babae Pet that child  We babae omo nii You pet that child that 
Pillow, Pillows  Ukohun Put your head on the pillow  Mu uhun ye ukohun Put head on pillow
place  mu Place cup here  Mu ukpu ye evban Place cup in here
place  ye Place here  ye evban Place here
Place, Places  Eke A place by the river  Eke ne eze ye Place the river is 
Plantain, Plantains iOghede A lot of plantain iOghede bun Plantain plenty
Plate, Plates  Ekpamakpu There are lots of plates in this house  Ekpamakpu bun vbe owa na Plates plenty in house this
play  ikuu Child's/Children's play  Ikuu ibieka Play children
play  ku Let us go and play  Ghie ma ya ku Let us go play
play  kpe Women also drum  Ikhuo vbe kpe ema Women also play drums
play an object  gbe Oghogho is playing football / soccer  Oghogho gbe ebol Oghogho play ball
please  laho Please go away  Laho gha khian Please should going
plenty, many  bun There are many chickens over there iOkhokho wa bun vbe evbani Chicken very many over there
pluck  kolo Adolo is plucking leaves  Adolo kolo ebe Adolo pluck leaf
Pot, Clay pot  Akhe Pour water into the pot  Se amen ye akhe Pour water into pot
pound  dumwen Mother is pounding yam  Iye dumwen ema Mother pound yam
Pounded yam  Ema We ate pounded yam and soup  Ma rrie ema kevbe uwomwen We eat pounded yam and soup
pour  se Pour the water here  Se amen ye evban Pour water in here
press  pion Press the bell  Pion egogo Press bell
prosperity  uwa This is prosperity  Uwa na khin Prosperity is this
pull / drag  si Drag the book there  Si ebe ye evba Drag book in there
pursue  khue Pursue Osaze  Khue Osaze Pursue Osaze
put  rrie Put cream on your hair  Rrie ohi ye eto Put cream on hair
put  ye Put here  ye evban Put here
put (grains)  ze Put the beans in the bag  Ze ehe ye ekpo Put beans in bag

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

Need daily devotion materials for you and your family early in the morning or late at night? I used this daily at night to instruct my children about want I expect from them now and into the future. We pray about the devotional message to a higher power, which makes them feel that the expectation is an achievable goal. It is very good at helping you and your family stay focused in improving your quality of life and making better decisions. Always use this daily!

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