Alphabet "R" - Rabbit, Radio, River, Ring, Red
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English Edo English Sentences Edo Sentences English Translations
Rabbit, Rabbits iOfionto There is a rabbit in this farm iOfionto re ugbo na Rabbit in farm this
Radio, Radios iEkpetahoen Osasere has five radios  Osasere mwen ekpetahoen isen Osasere has radio five
raining  rho It is raining  Amen rho Water falling/raining
Rat, Rats  Ofen There is rat on top of the house  Ofen re uhun oghe owa Rat is on top of house
reach  se Uyi reached the school yesterday  Uyi se esuku node Uyi reach school yesterday
red  ba Red cloth iEwe no ba Cloth that red
Relative, Sibling iOten This is my sibling Otenmwen na khin Sibling is this
Relatives  Eten Ehi's relatives  Eten Ehi Relatives Ehi
remember  yere You do not remember?  U ma yere? You do not remember?
respect  uyi Respect your teachers  Rrie uyi ne etisa were Give respect for teachers your
rest  hewe Eghosa has gone to rest  Eghosa ya hewe Eghosa go rest
Rice  Ize The rice is not ready  Ize ma ga Rice not done
ride  fi Ride your bicycle  Fi ikeke were Ride bicycle your
right here  evbana Run over here  Rhule ye evbana Run over right here
ring  kpe Ring the bell  Kpe egogo Ring bell
Ring, Rings  Oka Wear a ring  Rrie oka ye obo Wear ring in hand
ripe  vbo Ripe plantain  Oghede no vbo Plantain that ripe
River, Rivers iEze You all look at the river  Wa ghee eze You all look river
Road, Roads  Ukpo This road is not long  Ukpo na ma tan Road this not long
Room, Rooms  Uhowa This house has many rooms  Owa na mwen uhowa no bun House this has rooms that plenty
Rope, Ropes  Irri Pull the rope (towards us)  Si irri re Pull rope come
run  le Run into the house  Le la owa Run in house
Run  rhule Run to the market  Rhule gha rie eki Run to go market

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