Alphabet "S" - Song, Soap, Snake, Smoke, Salt ...
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English Edo English Sentences Edo Sentences English Translations
Salt  Umwen Put some salt in the soup  Ze umwen ye uwomwen Put salt in soup
Saturday, Saturdays  Uzola nekhere I will go to the river on Saturday  I ya ye eze vbe uzola nekhere I will go river Saturday 
say  we Teacher said that you should come  Etisa we nu lare Teacher said you should come
School, Schools  Esuku This is my school  Esuku mwen na khin School my is this
scream  vbokan Eki screamed on her children iEki vbokan yan ibvie ere Eki screamed on children her
sell  khien We sell shoes here  Ma khien ibata vbe evban We sell shoes in here
Send  gie The teacher sent me  Etisa gie mwen Teacher send me
Senior Twin iOdion The senior twin is sleeping iOdion vbiere Senior twin sleep
serve  ze Serve some rice on the plate  Ze ize ye ekpamakpu Serve rice on plate
shake  fieghe Shake your ass / buttocks  Fieghe onisan were Shake buttocks / ass your
she io She is coming iO dee She come
Shirt, Shirts iEwu Your shirt is fine iEwu were mose Shirt your fine
Shoe, Shoes  Ibata This is my shoe  Ibabta mwen na khin Shoe my is this
should  gha You all should be eating  Wa gha rrie evbaire  You all should take food
should  nu Teacher said that you should come  Etisa we nu we gha dee Teacher say should you to come
Shoulder, Shoulders  Izabo Edosa has pain in the shoulder  Izabo balo Edosa Shoulders pain Edosa
shout  van Amen shouts too much  Amen van gbe Amen shout too much
Siblings  Eten Osawe's siblings  Eten Osawe Siblings Osawe
Sing  so Uwaifo can sing songs  Uwaifo ghua so ikhuan Uwaifo able sing song
sit  tota The dog is sitting with the goat  Ekita tota ke ewe Dog sit with goat
Sky  Iso God created the sky  Osanobua o yi iso God who create sky
sleep  vbiere The child is sleeping iOmo vbiere Child sleep
small  khere Small cup  Ukpu ne khere Cup the small
Smoke  Ighogho Smoke is entering the house  Ighogho la owa Smoke enter house
Snail, Snails  Egile There are four snails here  Egile ene re evban Snail four are here
Snake, Snakes iEyen The snake ran into the bushes iEyen le la oha Snake ran into bush
sneeze  tihin The baby is sneezing iOmomo tihin Baby sneeze
Soap, Soaps  Ewakhue Use the soap to bath  Ye ewakhue ya khue Use soap to bath
some  so Some birds do not fly  Akhianmwen so e tin Birds some not fly
sometimes  gbenso I walk to school sometimes  I khian ye esuku gbenso I walk to school sometimes
Song, Songs  Ikhuan Imade is singing a song  Imade so ikhuan Imade sing song
Soup  Uwomwen This soup is very good  Uwomwen na wa ma Soup is very good
speak  ghuan Uwa is speaking there  Uwa ghuan vbe evba Uwa speak there
speak  zee Please always speak Edo  Laho wa gha zee Edo Please you all should speak Edo
Spirit, Spirits iEhi God is a Spirit iEhi Osanobua khin Spirit God it is
Spit  Asen Spit out the saliva  Tue asen fua  Throw spit out
Sponge  Ikhion Use the sponge to wash the car  Ye ikhion ya kpe imoto Use sponge to wash car
Spoon, Spoons  Ekuye Give me the spoon  Rrie ekuye me Give spoon me
squarsh  pierhe Squash the tomatoes  Pierhe etomatos Squash tomatoes
squart  dighien The infants are squatting by the river  Ibieka dighien ye okpen eze Infants squat by river
stand  mudia Stand on the chair  Mudia yan aga Stand on chair
Star  Owen The sky is filled with stars  Owen vbon iso Stars full sky
stick it in  zien Stick it here  Zien ere ye evban Stick it in here
Stick, Sticks  Ukpokpo This is a big stick  Ukpokpo na kpolo Stick this big
Stone, Stones  Ugbe Give me the stone  Rrie ugbe me Give stone me
Story, Stories  okha Tell me the story  Ta okha ma mwen Tell story to me
Sun   Oven They worshipped the sun a long time ago  Iyan ga oven eghe ne ede They worship sun time of days
Sun (Red sunset)  Owon Look at the red sun  Ghee owon Look red sun
Sunday, Sundays  Uzola nokhua I went to the market on Sunday  I ye eki vbe uzola nokhua I go market Sunday
Superior to, better than  se The teacher is higher than you  Etisa se we Teacher higher you
sweep  kpolo Go and sweep outside  Ya kpolo ohe Go sweep out

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