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English Edo English Sentences Edo Sentences English Translations
Table, Tables  Etebu Bring the table here  Mu etabu re Carry table here
Tail, Tails iErhurhun Lizard's tail iErhurhun oghe esikpalo Tail of lizard
take  rrie Take this shirt and put it over there  Rrie ewu nii ye evbani Take shirt this put over there
take (liquid)  se Take some soup from here  Se uwomwen vbe evbana Take soup from here
take huge amount of substance  balo Dish the rice right here   Balo ize ye evbana Dish rice in right here
talk  talo Osawe can talk  Osawe ghua talo Osawe can talk
tall  tan This man is tall  Okpia na tan Man this tall
teach  ma  He taught it to me iO ma mwen ere He teach me it
Teacher, Teachers  Etisa My teacher  Etisa mwen Teacher my
Tears  Evbe There is tears in your eyes  Evbe ro we aro Tears is in your eyes
Television, Televisions iEkpetughe This is a big television iEkpetughe na kpolo Television this big
tell  ta The old woman told us a story  Edede ta okha ni ma Old woman tell story for us
thank  kponmwen Thank you  I kponmwen we I thank you
thank You  uruese Thanks a lot  Uruese kakabo Thank you a lot
thank you (Plural)  waruese Thank you my friends  Waruese ose mwen Thank you friends my
thanks  akponmwen Let us thank God  Ghi ma akpomwen Osa   Let us thank God
that  nii That goat  Ewe nii Goat that
The  Ne Efe the teacher iEfe ne etisa Efe the teacher
the day before yesterday  nedia      
them  iyan It is them  Iyan no Them is
there  evba I am going there  I rrie evba I go there
these  khin What are these?  Vbe na khin? What are these?
these  nii These clothes  Ukpon nii Cloth these
they ie      
they  iyan Where are they?  Iyan vbo? They where?
Thief, Thieves  Oyi The thief ran into the Market  Oyi le la eki Thief run into market
thing  mwin What is this thing?  De mwin no khin? What thing is this?
thing, things  emwin What is this thing?  De emwin no na khin? What thing is this?
this  khin This is a leaf iEbe na khin Leaf is this
This  na This day iEde na Day this
throw  fie Throw the stone  Fie ugbe Throw stone
throw  tue Pour out the drink  Tue ayun kua Throw drink away
tie  gbai Tie the rope here  Gbai irri ye evban Tie rope at here
time ieghe Time is wasting/going iEghe khian Time going
time reference  vbe What time will it start?  Vbe eghe no khin? What time is this?
Tin, Tins  Ukpago Tomatoes tin  Upkago etomatos Tin tomatoes
to  gha come with the pencil  Rrie eledi gha dee Take pencil to come
to  ghe Let us go to the back  Ghi ma la ghe iyeke let us go to back
to  ma  Tell him / Tell it to him  Ta ma ere Tell to him
to  na The mat used to / for lying down  Owa na ya lovbie mat to use lie down
to  ya The ball is used for playing  Ye ebol ya ku Use ball to play
Toe, Toes  Ikpianwe Chicken toes  Ikpianwe oghe okhokho Toes of chicken
together  akugbe There is power in unity  Akugbe o e etin togetherness is strength
tomorrow  akhue We shall/will pray tomorrow  A gha lerhumwun vbe ahkue We shall/will pray tomorrow
Tongue, Tongues  Amwen The Dog's tongue is very long  Amwen ekita kakabo tan Tongue dog very long
too much  gbe  Isoken talks too much  Isoken talo gbe Isoken talks too much
too much  helele That man is extremely huge  Opkia nii ye helele Man that is too much (size)
Tooth, Teeth  Akon His/her teeth is very dirty  Akon oghe wa gbiwhen Teeth his/her very dirty
Tortise, Tortises  Egui The tortoise is hiding  Egui ya lehe Tortoise go hide
Traditional Soup/Stew  Owo Osagie is eating yam with traditional soup  Osagie rrie iyan kevbe owo Osagie eat yam and traditional soup
Trap, Traps  Ifi The trap caught something  Ifi mu emwin Trap catch something
travel  ehe Osaze has traveled  Osaze rie ehe Osaze gone journey
Trouser, Trousers, pants  Etalawe Usi has trousers  Usi mwen etalawe Usi has trousers
try  hiare Osawe tried in the exam  Osawe hiare vbe edamwen Osawe try in exam
Twins  Ivineva Efosa and Esosa are twins  Ivineva e Efosa kevbe Esosa khin  Twins they Efosa and Esosa are
two days before yesterday  nedene      

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