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Ehiagbon Omiunu: 1992

I called him “Wolf Leg” because he was as hairy as the biblical Esau and was bow legged. He was an amazing defender in soccer and was full of speed. He was even admired by the senior boys as early as JSS 2, and had a unique way of clearing the ball acrobatically in the air with his legs stretched out. He was the Assistant Punctuality Prefect.

Donald Okon: 1992

This was the prettiest (handsome) boy of the time that was ever born. His hair, face, collar, uniform, shoes, and his toothpick (matches) were well taken care off, neat and fitted to make him look and feel cool. He was known for great speed on the tracks in his primary school day, but was now too cool to run. He was one of the great attackers and goal scorers of B Quarters. The team was never complete or secure without cooool Donald.

Nekpen Aimiuwu: 1994

She was an impressive athlete. She was not only one of the best in JSS, but represent her house at senior levels as a junior. She also made the 4 * 100 meters relay team for the school at senior level and represented her school at State level in the 100 meters, 200 meters, and the 4 * 100 meters relay while she was still a junior.

Osaodion Odiase: 1988

One of the most dangerous power-forward on the soccer field in his generation. He was very strong and could dribble very well. His crosses were exceptional and he had a powerful shot. A couple of times after his shots would hit the goal post, his fellow players would stop to see if the post might fall. He was Usman Dan Fodio House Captain.

Oro Awaritefe: 1992

He was academically inclined. He enjoyed being the best at his schoolwork. That was what made him proud. He was very good at badminton and he tried very hard to play other sports. He was the badminton captain and the Games Prefect. He was also one of the three students that went to university from SSS 2 instead of the usual SSS 3.

Imade Edokpayi: 1992

Apart from being a brilliant student, Imade was a very responsible Deputy Head Girl and a wonderful person. She took pride in her work and did all she could to be the best at it.

Okotie ??? (Urhobo Style): 1988

A wonderful defender to watch any day. He was as consistent and reliable as they come. He had a famous way to clearing the ball out in the air in a sitting position. Everyone fondly called it Urhobo style.

Anthony Okaku: 1988

He was one of the best goalie UDSS ever produced in the game of soccer. He was tall and steady as a rock. He had this confidence about him that a lot of people classified as arrogant, but he was always calm and relaxed.

Ebenezer Kio: 1988

He is one of the brains that was destined to be remembered for a long time. Legend has it that all the teachers that ever taught him kept some of his notebooks in which he did not get a question wrong for the next generation to see. He once told a group of JSS students while punishing them that he could read Greek and Latin. It was never verified but like the Greeks, he was always seeking knowledge. On one award day, he took home eight awards out of ten subjects. I wonder if his mother taught him how to share. He was the Head Boy, and acted in various dramas.

Ikechukwu Erumuwonu: 1992

His name is translated as God’s strength/power and that is exactly what he was and how he lived his life. A powerful man in term of physical ability and will. He was an example of what a student should be. He was one of the best in every sport he played in. He performed with extreme strength even when competing against younger one. He was academically gifted and acted in plays. He came third place in Shot Put, he was the Labor Prefect, President of the Conservation Club, and acted in the “Wedlock of the Gods” in City Drama Contest.

Uyi Efiannayi: 1992

This was an era of strength and grace. A powerful athlete by standard of the State. She was number one for two to three years. She was undisputed. In fact, people went to see who was going to come second and third in her race and how far she was going to leave them behind. She represented the school in State championships in the 100 meters, 200 meters, and 4 * 100 meters relay. She was also the Assistant Games Prefect.

Adanna Onwuziligbo: 1993

This was the most under-estimated and the most under-appreciated athlete of our generation. A beautiful, respectable, and polite young lady at the time. She was so small as an athlete that you might forget that she was standing there (please accept our belated apologies). She represented the school as a junior at state levels in the 100 meters, 200 meters, 4 * 100 meter relay. She was only second to Uyi Efionayi.

Osaze Ize-Iyamu: 1991

The crazy man of the track. People run towards the finish line hoping to receive an award, he ran towards the same line as if fire was chasing him from behind. When he ran, the women, even the female teachers would run away from the side line. Usually, when a race is won, there is jubilation by all, but when he won, people first stopped to worry; it was only after people realized that it is the way he ran, that his house then rejoiced. Jokes apart, he was a man of extreme speed and did everything physically possible to win each race.

Ehiaze Kio: 1992

A peaceful and dedicated lady that made no trouble. She was not really interested in sports but she gave her all in drama. She usually played the role of a mother or elderly lady. She was consistent. You could always count on her to be there and she always would remember her lines. She was a member of the conservation club that went to Warri to promote conservation of the environment through dance-drama and plays.

Loretta Eze: 1988

This was the queen of the track in her time. Name it all. 100 meters, 200 meters, 4×100 meters relay. She was number one. She was beauty and speed. She was admired by all, even by junior students of other houses. Her trade mark was the distinctive waves on her hair.

Ini Akhonkhai: 1992

A multi-talented individual. She was known as a leader and as an organizer. She was not only academically inclined, she was also very good with musical instruments. She played the flute (recorder) and the keyboard so well that she lead the organization of the team that went to Warri in preparation of the songs performed to promote the conservation of our environment. She was a school Prefect and coordinated youth music in her church.

Jeogaga Ovbiovbio: 1992

This was the witness of the Lord. He lived and dreamed the Bible. He helped to run the family’s pharmaceutical business while he was still in school. He was a wonderful field hockey player for the school team. If I recall correctly, he was also a co-captain. People have said that on the judgment day, if Jeogaga was not in your midst, you probably are on the wrong side of the Lord.

Anita Uhunbame: 1988

A peaceful quiet lady. She loved to dance, joke and run. There was this party flavor about her and she had wonderful dimples on her chicks that any of the old blues singers would always sing about. A wonderful athlete who represented her house in almost all female track events.

Eghosa Osarogiagbon: 1989

Who would have thought that one of the shortest guys would be one of the fastest defender who won most of the ball in the air? This guy did all that and more. He was one of the most difficult defenders to go pass in any soccer game.

Ehimwenma Aimiuwu: 1992

He was known for leadership and consistency. Aside from soccer and track, which were now getting old, he was one of the two goalkeepers in the school’s handball team as a junior. He later became the school’s handball goalie and the co-captain for the handball team. He won the obstacle race, was the elected public relations officer for the conservation club, and was the Assistant Games Prefect. He also acted in the “Wedlock of the Gods” that was performed at the City Drama Contest and also helped in promoting “the conservation of the environment” in Warri.

Michael Smith: 1991

This was one of UDSS most adorable athlete to watch. He ran like a professional athlete in the Olympics. He had a textbook arm and leg coordination, and was Osaze Ize-Iyamu’s main rival. He always ran with running shoes unlike most athletes of the time, and was the most well dressed athlete.

Edward Okonya: 1992

He was very small but was also very mighty. He was the cock (rooster) that would even challenge the top dogs in the neighborhood. He was known for great courage and belief in his abilities. He was an excellent controller and dribbler of the soccer ball. He also did drama competitions for his house.

Emeka Mordi: 1992

The “mud man” – a derivation from him last name. He was academically inclined and was a very strong athlete. He did not talk much and did not associate with a lot of people. He joined the school handball team as a junior and was a regular, and dominant scorer. He became a co-captain of the handball team in his senior years and was the Punctuality Prefect.

Femi Suleiman Lawal: 1992

Many people called him “Suleiman”, but his childhood friends knew him as Femi. I hope the change of name was not a result of economic pressure from the Islamic minded Nigerian Government of the time (ha ha). Anyway, Femi was dedicated to his school work and was known for having very high grades. He was one of the three junior that made the handball team and was later a co-captain. Despite the fact that he was not very fast, he had very powerful hands, and made very good decisions with the ball. He was also the Deputy Head Boy.

Samuel Okon, Jr (late): 1988

The great leader. This was B Quarters’ soccer coach/captain. He organized and orchestrated every team that represented B Quarters from the late 80s to early 90s. The younger players will forever be grateful. He discovered a lot of talents and gave them a chance to develop their skills.

Anayo Uche: 1991

Legend has it that he came from a blood line of geniuses. I can testify that the guy trained himself mathematically to multiply two 4-digit numbers in his head faster than a students could get the answer while using a calculator. He did it in front of a teacher in my presence twice. The teacher responded by saying “you are a genius”. He was also a dreaded attacker for A Quarters soccer team and did everything possible to bully the defense physically. He represented the school in numerous competitions and make new records at the events.

Peter & Paul Izevbizua: 1993

It was said that what the lord has put together let no man separate. Now, they are not homosexuals, they are twins (please clarify). They were not only identical in appearance, they were also identical in soccer style. Defenders had it difficult marking them. The days they would wear the same color or took off their shirts, the defenders did not know who was marking who. They had great skill with the ball and were regular goal scorers.

Aibiokula Uzebu: 1992

Through out, he was always one of the three tallest people in the school. He moved with the so called “top dogs” of the school. Unlike the rest, he did not depend on his father’s name and accomplishment. He worked very hard for his grades, and built relationships across social-economic levels to make his academics a success. He was admired by many and never made a sound when he was punished, unlike some fake noise makers. Not only would seniors boys come to greet him, even teachers sometimes would let us off the hook when he was involved. It was not favoritism, he was just a likable kind of guy.

Aya Emuobosan: 1992

She represented UDSS in the Shell Essay Competition in 1988/89 and it was a statewide competition involving schools in the old Bendel State. The title was Pollution and she came first place. Despite her efforts, all Shell gave her was just a certificate (paper) with no financial reward. I hope someone in Shell did not just use the essay competition as a platform to collect money in their names as contestants. The least Shell can do is to hire the winners of these kinds of contest as a way to give back to those who gave to Shell.

Omogiate Ighiehon: 1992

While he was still in JSS 1, the seniors predicted that he was going to be our Head Boy. He was tall, intelligent, and very handsome; even some senior girls wanted to be his “sugar mummy”. He was very good on the tracks in his younger days, but gave it up for academics. He was always top five in his set until he got to senior secondary. He did admit once that studying was not all to life, so he did not study as much anymore. He was disciplined, respectable, and was quiet. He was the Head Boy as predicted. Peter & Paul Izevbizua: 1993
It was said that what the lord has put together let no man separate. Now, they are not homosexuals, they are twins (please clarify). They were not only identical in appearance, they were also identical in soccer style. Defenders had it difficult marking them. The days they would wear the same color or took off their shirts, the defenders did not know who was marking who. They had great skill with the ball and were regular goal scorers.

Adevo Adebo: 1992

The wise ones have always advised us not to put all our eggs in one basket. What she lacked in the height basket, she made up for it in brains and eloquence. She expressed herself freely and intelligently, and was also tops in her academics. She was also the Head Girl and a member of the Debate Club.

Richard Odogwu: 1989

He was the handball captain and one of the best players the schools ever produced in the game. He did not only possess powerful shots from his arms, he also had great speed while bouncing the ball and leaped very high when taking a jump shot. He led to school to many state and school tournaments. He was a very friendly and cheerful guy, and was very nice to the younger players. He was a wonderful captain and always encouraged everyone to get involved without favoritism.

 Emeka Ugbaka: 1988

He was popularly referred to as the “man with the golden stick” by those who loved and admired him. He never accepted the fact that he could not compete with others physically and have fun, despite the fact that he used a stick. He could run, but not very fast. It was obvious to all that he could not be a soccer player, but what captured everyone’s imagination was that he was an excellent goalkeeper. The guy miraculously could dive from the middle of the school goal to the very end of goal. I even saw his peers request that he be the goalie in various games. He taught us that there is no limitation when the heart enjoys what it does.

Hector Awanbor: 1991

Many felt that he was the best player in his set. He was in love with the game of soccer to the very end. It did not matter where he was, he had to play the game of soccer. I saw him a couple of times in his younger days at weddings and parties, and wherever you saw children kicking any round object, Hector was sure to be one of them. He even played in the school team as a junior and was always a regular goal scorer.

Stanley Osakwe: 1989

This was a house of bricks. He was very muscular and was the school’s handball goalkeeper. He had very good vision and could withstand a lot of shots. Sometimes on every blue moon, he would let the younger keepers keep while he went to play. He was a very good pivot player and had very power shots as well.

Tuviere Kpogban: 1992

He was fondly called “Ti Ggbon” a derivation from his name. This was a strong and tough guy that did not really say much. He was tall and bow legged, but appeared to be stocky until you stood beside him. He was a very wonderful defender and was usually one of the best players in each game he played in. One of his greatest attribute was his speed. You could not go pass him for too long because he always caught up with the attack to retrieve the ball. He played in the school team in his later years.

Joseph Moyede: 1989

He was a very friendly person, loved to have fun, and enjoyed himself while playing a game. He was the assistant handball captain for the school team and was a wonderful match maker in handball. He was an expert at distributing the ball and taking jump shots. He was also a goalkeeper for his class in the game of soccer and kept for the school soccer team a couple of times. He was very dynamic and put a lot of effort into whatever he did.

Ighodaro Evbuomwan: 1993

This was a handsome and confident young man that symbolized freedom to the fullest extent. He was very care-free and did not care what you thought of him. His blessing was soccer. He was definitely an entertainer on the pitch. He was very good at dribbling and was also a regular goal scorer.

Toju Onuwaje: 1992

This was a wonderful and an amazing young man with a lot of potentials. He was definitely a track star in his time and robbed shoulders with the likes of Michael Smith and Ize-Iyamu. He was always in the big races for his house and the school track team. He was more known for soccer, especially in his junior days. He was a great strikers and scored many goals.

Kingsley ???: 1991

The was a quiet boy at school who never said much. He appeared to be a little older than his peers and was a very strong soccer player. He did not have speed, but when he got the ball, he kept it away from any marker. He was extremely confident in his possession and distribution of the ball. He was also admired by the senior students, who always invited him to play with them while he was still a junior.

Gerard Afori-Amakwa: 1992

He held the right full-back with all confidence and brought some intellectualism to the defense. He played for the school soccer team a couple of times, but he was more appreciated as a “B Quarters” soccer defender. He always put his mind and soul into his game, and was usually a first choice pick for the defense. 

Noworkere (Noks) ???: 1988

He was an excellent soccer player both for the school soccer team and for A quarters on Campus. Many would agree that if he was not the best in his set, he must have been one of the best. He was definitely a threat to all the defense that stood in his way. One attribute about him was that he never stopped even when he was falling; he always kept going and was determined to make something of every play.

Kensington Emede: 1988

This man was the “chairman of defense” in the game of soccer. He was quite tall and walked in a tiring manner. He never appeared to have much speed because he did not need it. The was a player that played purely from the mind. He anticipated every ball and was at the right place and the right time. I remember a day someone took a corner kick from the right side and the ball was headed towards the left side of the goal (goalkeeper’s view), it appeared as if all the defenders had been beaten and the goalie was not going to reach the ball despite diving full length. It was then that the chairman suspended himself in space and cleared the ball out on the goal line with a bicycle kick. Look, the school was on a stand still for 3 seconds and it included girls who knew nothing about the game. 

Jemine Awani: 1988

A lot of the girls at the time who were on the thick side did not do much when it came to sports, but Jemine was different. She played basketball and she was very good at it. From what I have heard, she was very disciplined, polite, and respectful. On the basketball court, she was not very fast but knew how to position herself in such a way her opponents found it difficult to stop her advances. She also had some height to her advantage as well. The most amazing thing about her was that no matter how far she was from the net, when she threw that ball, it found its way through the net.

Osagie Lee Evbuomwan: 1992

He was A Quarters’ high prized goalkeeper that frustrated most of the B Quarters attacking strategies in the game of soccer. He did not talk much. He liked to have fun and lived the cool high life. I remember when he was in SSS 3, he would go meet the Uniben girls and tell them that he was a medical student called Lee (rumor has it that it is his middle name). They did not only believe him, they were also privileged to date him. I guess he was a hard man, but I must admit, he was fun to be around. 

Jude Okoh: 1992

Comic relief was his talent. It is not possible to talk about UDSS comics without mentioning him. He always saw the hilarious side to every serious situation and would characteristically get himself into trouble with a refreshing joke inappropriately timed in the middle of a rather serious classroom session. We were always grateful for those breaks to let off some steam.

Onome Opute: 1998

She was an impressive athlete. She was the second best in JSS and SSS. She represented her house at senior levels as a junior. She represented her school at 100m, 200m and 4 by 100m respectively. She also represented her school at the best primary competitions where she once again excelled in 100m and 4 by 100m. Onome was the assistant games prefect.

Chuka Mordi: 1989

He was a member of the school soccer team and was their goalkeeper for over a year. A lot of his critics did not think he was good enough compared to his predecessors, but at the time, he was the best. He was admired for his boldness for rushing out at balls at very close range to the goal in times of extreme danger. While in goal, he was always relaxed and did his best at all times. 

David Iyoha: 1991

He was probably the cutest mixed kid in the school. In a time when the computer was still a mystery to most of us, there were always myths about his exceptional ability to use the computer. One of which was his ability to beat the computer in a game of chess. In fact, he was one of the school’s chess champions and he successfully represented us in many state chess tournaments. His academic achievements were also impressive, one of the most notable being his participation in the Pronto Brain Match which brought a lot of academic pride to UDSS. 

Solomon Ohiomokhare: 1988

He started out as Oba Erediauwa House goalie and it was not long when he became the school’s number one goalie in the game of soccer. He was quite disciplined in goal and he took pride in being the number one choice. He did everything possible to maintain that status by improving on his skills and techniques on a daily basis. He had a lot of critics, but he was always focused and delivered his expertise each time he was called upon. He was also the house captain for Oba Erediauwa House in his final year.

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