Edofolks.com was founded in January 1999. Its purpose is to encourage people, especially low-income children in after-school programs, to love reading the Bible, enjoy math, and appreciate culture as well as language.  Edofolks.com is collaborating with Aimiuwu.com to create a Daily Bible Reading Calendar and Online Math Tutoring program.  We document anything Edo, educate about Edo, encourage Edo people of Nigeria, and support the progress and welfare of all Edo peoples socially, economically, politically, and intellectually. We have published Edo books, made Edo language CDs, and created Motivational CDs inspired by Edo to make this world a better place to live in.  You may help yourself with some of our Edo products below:

Learn to Speak Edo

Edo Language CDs: The purpose of the Edo language CDs is to preserve the Edo and African languages, and also to increase the number of Edo language speakers...


Edo inspired motivational CDs

Motivational CDs: The 3 motivational CDs teaches how to erase your debt and use a credit card, become an excellent student, and find a good wife...


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