The Obas that ruled Benin after
the Ogiso dynasty
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1. Eweka I (about 1200 A.D.) He created the Uzama. They were six in number in his time. He made Uzama hereditary titles.

2. Uwakhuahen

3. Ehenmihen

4. Ewedo (about 1255 A.D.)
He removed the seat of government from Usama to the present palace. Built the first prison which was named after him.

5, Oguola (about 1280 A.D.) He ordered the digging of the first moat round Benin City to keep out enemies. He also introduced Brass casting to Benin.

6. Edoni (about 1295 A.D.)

7. Udagbedo (about 1299 A.D.) The Ga of present-day Ghana migrated from Benin during his reign.

8. Ohen (about 1334 A.D.) The paralyzed Oba who killed his lyase for spying on the Oba’s deformity and was himself stoned to death.

9. Ogbeka (about 1370 A.D.) The Urhobos migrated from Benin during his reign to Abraka and environs. No doubt they call the Binis Ikhuo’roka (the people of Eka) after the King.

10. Orobiru (about 1400 A.D.)

11. Uwaifiokun (about l432 A.D.)

12. Ewuare, the Great (about 1440 A great magician, physician, traveler A.D.) and warrior. Constructed Akpakpava Street and the inner-most city wall; created the Edaiken title. He renamed the land Edo. He was the first Oba to come in contact with the Europeans; encouraged Ivory, wood carving; invented Ema-Edo.

13. Ezoti (about 1473 A.D.) Reigned for only 14 days.

14. Olua (about 1473 A.D.) Father of Iginuan who left Benin to settle at Ode-itsekiri and later became the Olu of Itsekiris.

15. Ozolua the Conqueror. (about 1481 A.D.) Conquered Ondo and ljebu-Ode. Father of Aruanran the giant Prince. Father of Alani of Idoani, Olokpe of Okpe, Olowo of Owo, Eze of Aboh and Uguan of Ora.

16. Esigie (about 1504 A.D.) European connection with the kingdom became stronger during his reign. Portuguese missionary activities were encouraged. Created a school of Astrology (Iwoki) and could speak the Portuguese language. Onitsha was founded by people who emigrated from Benin during his reign. His mother, Idia, was the famous warrior who lately became more popular when an Ivory carving of her face was adopted as Festac symbol. Created the title of Iye-Oba (Queen mother).

17. Orhogbua (about I550 A.D.) Created a camp (Eko) now known as Lagos. One of his grandsons was made the Eleko of Eko. Introduced the Use of native cooking salt. Was a product of Portuguese education.

18. Ehengbuda (about 1578 A.D.) English explorers visited Benin during his reign. A great magician. The era of War-Chief Ezomo Agban, the conqueror of Agbor, who erected a ladder to climb to the sky to wage war against intruder (Thunder) up there.

19. Ohuan (about 1606 A.D.) He was a great herbalist.

20. Ahenzae (about 1641 A.D.) Portuguese missionary activities passed on to Benin Native fathers called Ohensa.

21. Akenzae (about I661 A.D.) Encouraged Portuguese missionary activities.

22. Akengboi (about 1669 A.D.)

23. Akenkpaye (about 1675 A.D.)

24. Akengbedo (about 1684 A.D.) Missionary activities encouraged. More Binis joined the Christian faith.

25. Oreoghene (about 1689 A.D.) Emissaries from Pope Pius xii visited Benin in 1692.

26. Ewuakpe (about 1700 A.D.) Passed a law that no one except the Oba’s eldest son should wear a crown. Beginning of primogeniture. Iden his wife offered herself as a sacrificial lamb for the welfare of the king, against whom the Chiefs had rebelled.

27. Ozuere (about 1712 A.D.) Reigned for one year.

28. Akenzua I (about 1713) Father of Obi of Issele-Uku. Era of peace and prosperity.

29. Eresoyen (about 1735 A.D.) Introduced the idea of banking. Built a house called Owigho (Bank) Invented Ivory flutes and introduced Odudua masquerade.

30. Akengbuda (1750 A.D.) Obi of Ubulu-Uku murdered Adesuwa which led to the Oboro war and the subsequent defeat of UbuluUku. A French captain J. F. Landolphe visited Benin during his reign (1769 and 1787).

31. Obanosa (about 1804 A.D.) Reputed for the long years he stayed as Edaiken of Uselu before being crowned.

32. Ogbebo (about 1816 A.D.) Reigned for 8 months.

33. Osemwede (1816-1847) Akure punitive expedition (1818) English and Italian explorers visited Benin.

34. Adolo (1848-1888) Established Ekiadolo. Sir Beecroft visited Benin City(1851). Benin came under the British protectorate in 1885.

35. Ovonramwen (1888-1914) Confrontation with the British which led to the war of 1897. Deported to Calabar September 13, 1897, where he lived until 1914.

36. Eweka II (1914-1933) Built the present palace. The old one which was burnt down by the British during the 1897 war, had fallen into ruins. Motor road from Benin to Sapele opened (1915). An expert carver in Ivory and wood and a clever blacksmith, Oba Eweka was nick-named Ovbi-Udu (Lion hearted) by the Edos on account of his courage.

37. Akenzua II (1933-1978) Earl of Plymouth visited Benin City on February 24, 1935. Edo College established 1937. First Oba’s conference held at Benin City in 1937. Benin Divisional Council museum opened in 1947. Began the campaign for the creation of Mid-Western Region (now Bendel State). Erected the Statue of Emotan on 11 th March, 1954. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II visited Benin, on 9th February, 1956, to pay him a courtesy visit. Appointed Chancellor of the University of Ahmadu Bello, Zaria on 9th March, 1966. His era witnessed intellectual, cultural, social and economic advancement.

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