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English to Edo Dictionary

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Alphabet "E" - Ear, Earring, Eye, Egg, Elephant ....


English Edo English Sentenses Edo Sentenses English Translations
Ear, ears Eho Imade has pain in the ears  Eho balo Imade Ear paining Imade
Ear-ring, Ear-rings Imieho My mother's ear-ring  Imieho oghe iye mwen Ear-ring of mother my
eat rrie Edo is eating iEdo rrie evbaire Edo eat food
Egg, Eggs Ekonokho This is a chicken's egg  Ekonokho oghe okhokho na khin Egg of chicken is this
Elder Enowanren This is an elder  Enowanren na khin Elder is this
Elders Eniwanren Elders are many here  Eniwanren bun vbe evbana Elders many in here
Elephant, Elephants Eni Elephants are in the bush  Eni re oha Elephant in bush
enter la The rat entered the room  Ofen la uhowa Rat enter room
exist, there is ro There is a God  Osanobua ro God exists
Eye, Eyes Aro I have two eyes  I mwen aro eva I have eyes two