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English to Edo Dictionary

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Alphabet "W" - Wealth, Write, Work, Wash, Walk ...


English Edo English Sentences Edo Sentences English Translations
Waist, Waists iEkhun That woman's waist is huge iEkhun okhuo nii digba Waist woman that huge
wake up  yore This man has woken up  Opkia na yore ne man this woke up has
walk  khian Osaze walks to school  Osaze khian ye esuku Osaze walk to school
Wall, walls  Egbekhen Ifueko is standing on the wall  Ifueko mudia yan egbekhen Ifueko stand on wall
wash  kpe Father is washing the car  Baba kpe imoto Father wash car
Water, Waters  Amen Where is the coconut water?  Amen oghe ivin vbo? Water of coconut where?
way  ode The way to the palace is far  Ode oghe Eguae re Way of palace far
we  ma  We are going to school  Ma rie esuku We go school
Wealth iEfe Wealth is good to have iEfe ma na mwen Wealth good to have
wear  rrie Wear a watch  Rrie egogo ye obo Wear clock on hand
wear  yo Wear your shirt  Ya yo ewe were Go wear shirt your
wear (shoe)  gbe The baby wore shoes iOmomo gbe ibata Baby wear shoe
weekend  uzola We will go to school this weekend  Ma gha ye esuku vbe uzola na We will go school weekend this
welcome iobokhian Welcome old woman iObokhian Edede Welcome old woman
welcome (plural)  wabokhian Welcome my friends  Wabokhian ose mwen Welcome friends my
well iese You ran well  U rhule ese You ran well
well cooked  ga The food is done / well cooked  Evbaire wa ga Food very well cooked
well done iobevbaru Well done elders iObevbaru Eniwanren Well done elders
well done (to one working) iobaiwinna Well done children iObaiwinna ibieka Well done Children
well done (to those working)  wabiwinna Well done siblings/relatives  Eten wabiwinna Siblings/relatives well done
Well, Wells  Ughia There is water in the well  Amen re ughia Water in well
what  de What day are you coming?  De ede ne u dee? What day the you coming?
what  vbo What is this?  Vbo na khin? What is this?
where  de Where are you going?  De eke ne u rie? Where place the you going?
where  vbo Where is the cane?  Asan vbo? Cane where?
who  gha Who is this?  Gha na khin? Who is this?
will  gha We will come tomorrow  Ma gha re vbe akhue We will come for tomorrow
will  nu What time will you come?  De eghe nu ya dee? What time will you come? 
Wind iEho It is windy outside iEho re ohe Wind is out
Witch, wizard  Azen Do you believe in witches?  We yayi ighere azen ro? You beileve that witches exist?
with  ke Stand with your mother  Mudia ke iye were Stand with mother your
Woman  Okhuoba That woman has a farm  Okhuoba nii mwen ugbo Woman that have farm
Women  Ikhuo These are market women  Ikhuo eki ena khin Women market these are
work  winna I will work tomorrow  I gha winna vbe akhue I will work tomorrow
worship  ga We only serve God  Osanobua kekan ma ga God only we serve
wrestle  vben Osagie wrestles/fights too much  Osagie vben gbe Osagie wrestles/fights too much
write  gben Write something here  Gben emwin ye evban Write something on here