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English to Edo Dictionary

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Alphabet "O" - Oil, Onion, Orange, Open, Out ...


English Edo English Sentences Edo Sentences English Translations
of ioghe Uwa's clothes  Ukpon oghe Uwa Clothes of Uwa
Oil, Oils  Ofiugbon Use the oil to cook the soup  Ye ofiugbon ya le uwomwen Use oil to cook soup
Old woman, Old women  Edede The old woman came here yesterday  Edede re node Edede here yesterday
on  re On there   Re evba On there
on  yan Place it on the chair  Mu yan aga Carry on chair
on  ye On here  ye evban On here
on top  uhun The cat is on the wall  Ovbieden re uhun oghe egbekhen Cat is on top of wall
Onion, Onions  Arubara Onions can cause tears  Arubara seti sie evbe ye aro Onions can cause tears in the eyes
only  kekan Uyi is eating just rice  Uyi rrie Ize kekan Uyi eat rice only
open  kie Open the bottle  Kie ogo Open bottle
Orange, Oranges  Animo The orange is not very ripe  Animo ma kakabo vbo Orange not very ripe
our  ima It is ours iOghe ima no Of our is
out  fua Throw the trouser out  Rrie etalawe fua Take trousers out
out  ohe Nekpen is going out  Nekpen rie ohe Nekpen go out
over  ye Over here  ye evban Over here
over there  evbani Jump over there  Shan ye evbani Jump over there