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English to Edo Dictionary

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Alphabet "A" - Agree, Air, Airplane, Arrive, Away ...


English Edo English Sentences Edo Sentences English Translations
a lot, very  kakabo Run very well  Kakabo rhule Very run
able, can  ghua Horses can run very well iEsin ghua wa rhule Horse can very run
agree  kuwe That woman agreed for that man  Okhuo nii kuwe ne opkia nii Woman that agree for man that
Air iEho This is very good wind iEho na wa ma Wind this very good
Airplane, Airplanes  Okeho The airplane is in the sky  Okeho re iso Airplane is in sky
Akara (Fried grounded beans)  Eka The akara is on the table  Eka re etabu Akara is on table
all  hia All the people  Emwan hia People all
all  khia Eat all the rice  Rrie ize khia Eat rice all
allow  gie His father allowed him to do it  Erha ere gie we ere Father his allow do it
allow  ghie He did not allow him to do it  O ma ghie ere we ere He did not allow him do it
already  ne Owie has already gone  Owie khian ne Owie going already
also  vbe  You also sit down  We vbe tota You also sit down
and  kevbe Hand and leg  Obo kevbe owe Hand and leg
are  ena  These are goats iEwe ena khin Goats are these
are  re Are there  Re evba Are there
arrive  se Osaze has arrived there  Osaze se evba ne Osaze arrive there has
at  vbe  At home  Vbe owa At home
at  ye At home  ye owa At home
away  fua Throw the stone away  Fie ugbe fua Throw stone away
away  kwua Pour that water away  Tue amen nii kwua Pour water that away
away  ree Run away from here  Le ye evban ree Run from here away