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English to Edo Dictionary

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Alphabet "L" - Laugh, Leg, Lion, Luggage, Life ...


English Edo English Sentences Edo Sentences English Translations
Lair iOhonoghe This house is full of lairs iOhonoghe vbon owa na Lair full house this
language spoken in Nigeria iEdo Do you children speak Edo?  Ivbie uwa kwe zee Edo? children your do speak Edo?
last  too That elder lived very long  Enowanren ni wa too Elder that very last (live long)
Laugh  gie Osagie is laughing a lot  Osagie wa gie Osagie very laugh
laughter  ogie There is too much laugher  Ogie bun gbe laughter plenty too much
Leaf, Leaves  Ebe Pluck the leaf  Kolo ebe Pluck leaf
Leg, Legs  Owe Itohan's leg is longer than her body  Owe Itohan tan se egbe ere Leg Itohan long than body her
Let  ghi Let us run  Ghi ma rhule let us run
let us  ghia let us sweep  Ghia kpolo Let us sweep
lick  lalo Isiuwa is licking the spoon  Isiuwa lalo ekuye Isiuwa lick spoon
lie  ohoghe You tell lies a lot  U ta ohoghe gbe You tell lies too much
lie down  lovbie Lie on the bed  Lovbie ye ukpo Lie down on bed
life, lives  agbon This life is very good  Agbon na wa ma Life this is very good 
Light  Ukpa This light is not very bright  Ukpa na e kakabo ba Light this not very bright
like  ye I like plantain  Oghede ye mwen Plantain like me
Lion, Lions  Oduma The Lion ate the goat  Oduma rrie ewe Lion eat goat
little boy  Ovbiokhan okpia      
little child  Ovbiokhan The little child is sleeping on the bed  Ovbiokhan vbiere vbe ukpo Little child sleep on bed
little girl  Ovbiokhan okhuo      
Lizard, Lizards  Esikpalo The lizard ran into the house  Esikpalo le la owa Lizard ran into house
location reference  vbe Where is the venue?  Vbe eke no khin? Where place is this?
long  tan Long rope  Irri no tan Rope that long
Look  ghee Look at the gun  Ghee osisi Look gun
luggage, Luggages iEkpeti There are three luggages on the chair iEkpeti eha re aga Luggage three on chair