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English to Edo Dictionary

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Alphabet "G" - Gun, Greetings, God, Gift, Good ...


English Edo English Sentences Edo Sentences English Translations
Garri / Cassava  Igaire Put salt in the garri / cassava  Ze umwen ye igaire Put salt in garri / cassava
gather  koko You all gather the corn  Wa koko oka You all gather corn
gently  feko You do it gently  We feko we ere You gently do it
Children  Ivbie Osaretin's children  Ivbie Osaretin Children Osaretin
Gift, Gifts iEse This is the gift of God iEse oghe osa na khin Gift of God is this
give  rrie Give her the cup  Rrie ukpu ne Give cup her
Glass, Glasses iOgo Place the glass on the table  Mu ogo ye etebu Place glass on table
go  la Go outside  La ohe Go out
go  rie Idehen has gone or is going to the river  Idehen rie eze Idehen go river
go  ya Go take a bath  Ya khure Go bath
go forth  yo He/she goes to school iO yo esuku He/she go school
Goat, Goats iEwe The goat ate the leaves iEwe rrie ebe Goat eat leaf
God  Oghodua God is all things  Emwin hia o e Oghodua Things all who is God
God  Osanobua God is too good  Osanobua ma gbe God good too much
going  khian Idehen is going  Idehen khian  Idehen going
good  ma  This rice is very good  Ize na wa ma Rice this very good
good afternoon iobavan Good afternoon everyone  Wa hia obavan You all good afternoon
good afternoon (plural)  wabavan Good afternoon teachers  Wabavan etisa Good afternoon teachers
good evening iobota Good evening my friend iObota ose mwen Good evening friend my
good evening (plural)  wabota Good evening elders  Wabota eniwanren Good evening elders
good morning iobowie Good morning Uyi iObowie Uyi Good morning Uyi
good morning (plural)  wabowie    Wabowie etisa Good morning teachers
Grand Father, Grand fathers  Erha nokhua Grand father is coming  Erha nokhua dee Father Grand is coming
Grand Mother, Grand Mothers  Iye nokhua Grand mother is in the house  Iye nokhua re owa Mother grand in house
Grass, Grasses  Ikhun There is too much grass in this farm  Ikhun wa bun vbe ugbo na Grass very many in farm this
greeting an elder after a meal  kada      
greeting for an elder  domo Elder, I greet you  Domo enowanren greetings elder
greeting to the one at home iobowa Happy stay at home father iObowa Baba Happy stay at home father
greetings to those at home  wabowa Happy stay at home siblings  Wabowa eten Happy stay at home siblings
Grey hair  Ede That woman has lots of grey hair  Ede bun vbe eto oghe okhuo nii Grey hair plenty in hair of woman that
Ground, Grounds  Oto There is a book on the ground  Ebe re oto Book on ground
Groundnut, Peanut  Isiawe Groundnut and garri  Isaiwe kevbe igaire Groundnut and garri
Gun, Guns  Osisi Take the gun to the bush  Rrie osisi gha rie oha Take gun to go bush