Edo Alphabet "E" - Book, Body, Cow, Spoon, Table ...
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Edo English Edo Sentences English Translations English Sentences
e is  Idehen o e odion Idehen who is senior Idehen is the senior
Ebe Leaf, Leaves  Kolo ebe Pluck leaf Pluck the leaf
Ebe Paper, papers  Gben emwin ye ebe Write something on paper Wtie on the papepr
Ebe Book, Books  We ya tie ebe were You go read book your You go read your book
Ede Grey hair  Ede bun vbe eto oghe okhuo nii Grey hair plenty in hair of woman that That woman has lots of grey hair
Edede Old woman, Old women  Edede re node Edede here yesterday The old woman came here yesterday
Egbe Body, Bodies  Egbe mwen na khin Boby my is this This is my body
Egbekhen Wall, walls  fueko mudia yan egbekhen Ifueko stand on mall Ifueko is standing on the wall
Egile Snail, Snails  Egile ene re evban Snail four are here There are four snails here
Egui Tortise, Tortises  Egui ya lehe Tortise go hide The tortise is hiding
ehe journey  Iye mwen rie ehe Mother my gone journey My mother has gone on a journey
ehe travel  Osaze rie ehe Osaze gone journey Osaze has travelled
Ehe Bean, Beans  Ma gha mu ehe We will carry beans We will carry the beans
Ehen Fish, Fishes  Ehen bun vbe eze Fish plenty in river There are lots of fishes in the river
Ehenmwen Insect, Insects  Ehenmwen bun Insects many There are many insects
Eho Ear, ears  Eho balo Imade Ear paining Imade Imade has pain in the ears
Eho Knife, Knives  Eho ne khere Knife the small The small knife
Eka Biscuit, Biscuits  Emila rrie eka Cow eat biscuit The Cow eats or is eating the biscuit
Eka Akara (Fried grounded beans)  Eka re etabu Akara is on table The akara is on the table
Eke Place, Places  Eke ne eze ye Place the river is  A place by the river
Ekhia Pennis      
Ekita Dog, Dogs  Wa ghee ekita You all look dog You all look at the dog
Ekonokho Egg, Eggs  Ekonokho oghe okhokho na khin Egg of chicken is this This is a chiken's egg
Ekpamakpu Plate, Plates  Ekpamakpu bun vbe owa na Plates plenty in house this There are lots of plates in this house
Ekuye Spoon, Spoons  Rrie ekuye me Give spoon me Give me the spoon
Eledi Pencil, Pencils  Rrie eledi we Take pencil your Take your pencil
Ema Drum, Drums  Uyi ghua kpe ema Uyi can play drum Uyi is a good drummer
Ema Pounded yam  Ma rrie ema kevbe uwomwen We eat pounded yam and soup We ate pounded yam and soup
Emila Cow, Cows  Emila re ukpo Cow on road The cow is on the road
Emo Children  Emo vbiere Children sleep The children are sleeping
Emwan people iE emwan hia o ghua khue vbe eze Not people all can bath in river Not everyone can swim
emwin thing, things  De emwin no na khin? What thing is this? What is this thing?
ena  are iEwe ena khin Goats are these These are goats
Eni Elephant, Elephants  Eni re oha Elephant in bush Elephants are in the bush
Eniwanren Elders  Eniwanren bun vbe evbana Elders many in here Elders are many here
Enowanren Elder  Enowanren na khin Elder is this This is an elder
Erha Father, fathers  Erha Edugie Father Edugie Edugie's father
Erha nokhua Grand Father, Grand fathers  Erha nokhua dee Father Grand is coming Grand father is coming
Esikpalo Lizard, Lizards  Esikpalo le la owa Lizard ran into house The lizard ran into the house
Esuku School, Schools  Esuku mwen na khin School my is this This is my school
Etalawe Trouser, Trousers, pants  Usi mwen etalawe Usi has trousers Usi has trousers
Etebu Table, Tables  Mu etabu re Carry table here Bring the table here
Eten Relatives  Eten Ehi Relatives Ehi Ehi's relatives
Eten Siblings  Eten Osawe Siblings Osawe Osawe's siblings
Etisa Teacher, Teachers  Etisa mwen Teacher my My teacher
Eto Hair, Hairs  Eto no tan Hair that long Long hair
evba there  I rrie evba I go there I am going there
Evbaire Food  Evbaire ma ga Food not done The food is not done/ready
evban here  Mudia ye evban Stand on here Stand here
evbana right here  Rhule ye evbana Run over right here Run over here
evbani over there  Shan ye evbani Jump over there Jump over there
Evbe Tears  Evbe ro we aro Tears is in your eyes There is tears in your eyes
Ewakhue Soap, Soaps  Ye ewakhue ya khue Use soap to bath Use the soap to bath

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

Need daily devotion materials for you and your family early in the morning or late at night? I used this daily at night to instruct my children about want I expect from them now and into the future. We pray about the devotional message to a higher power, which makes them feel that the expectation is an achievable goal. It is very good at helping you and your family stay focused in improving your quality of life and making better decisions. Always use this daily!

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