Edo Alphabet "K" - Dry, Faint, Play, Gather, Can ...
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Edo English Edo Sentences English Translations English Sentences
kada greeting an elder after a meal      
kakabo a lot, very Kakabo rhule Very run Run very well
kakaka dry Egbe e wa ye kakaka Body his very is dry His body is very dry
ke with Mudia ke iye were Stand with mother your Stand with your mother
kekan only Uyi rrie Ize kekan Uyi eat rice only Uyi is eating just rice
kevbe and Obo kevbe owe Hand and leg Hand and leg
kie open Kie ogo Open bottle Open the bottle
koko gather Wa koko oka You all gather corn You all gather the corn
kolo pluck Adolo kolo ebe Adolo pluck leaf Adolo is plucking leaves
koyo hello Koyo Iye Hello mother Hello mother
ku play Ghie ma ya ku Let us go play Let us go and play
kuwe agree Okhuo nii kuwe ne opkia nii Woman that agree for man that That woman agreed for that man
kwe can We kwe ghua shan? You can able jump? Are you able to jump?
kwe do We kwe rhule? You do run? Do you run?
kwo faint Idehen kwo Idehen faint Idehen fainted
kwua away Tue amen nii kwua Pour water that away Pour that water away

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