Edo Alphabet "W" - Group Greetings, You, Say, Do, Drink ...
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Edo English Edo Sentences English Translations English Sentences
wa you all  Wa vbo? You all where? Where are you all?
wa very  Ekuye wa bun Spoons very many The spoons are very many
wabavan good afternoon (plural)  Wabavan etisa Good afternoon teachers Good afternoon teachers
wabiwinna well done (to those working)  Eten wabiwinna Siblings/relatives well done Well done siblings/relatives
wabokhian welcome (plural)  Wabokhian ose mwen Welcome friends my Welcome my friends
wabota good evening (plural)  Wabota eniwanren Good evening elders Good evening elders
wabowa greetings to those at home  Wabowa eten Happy stay at home siblings Happy stay at home siblings
wabowie good morning (plural)  Wabowie etisa Good morning teachers  
waruese thank you (Plural)  Waruese ose mwen Thank you friends my Thank you my friends
we you  We vbo? You where? Where are you?
we say  Etisa we nu lare Teacher said you should come Teacher said that you should come
we do  We nia Do now Do it now
were your iEwu were na khin  Shirt your is this This is your shirt
winna work  I gha winna vbe akhue I will work tomorrow I will work tomorrow
won drink  Adesuwa won amen Adesuwa drink water Adesuwa is drinking water
wuwere inside  Ofen le la wuwere oto Rat ran into inside ground  The rat ran inside the ground

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