Edo Alphabet "I" - Shoe, Trap, Bicycle, Car, Rice ...
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Edo English Edo Sentences English Translations English Sentences
I I I ghua rhule  I can run I can run
Ibata Shoe, Shoes Ibabta mwen na khin Shoe my is this This is my shoe
Ibieka Infants Ibieka eha na Infants three this These three infants
Idun Neighborhood, Neighborhoods Idun oghe Osasu na khin Neighborhood of Osawe is this This is Osawe's neighborhood
Idun Community, Communities Idun na wa ma Community this very good This is a good community
Ifi Trap, Traps Ifi mu emwin Trap catch something The trap caught something
ifueko patience Ifueko a ya we emwin patience is use do things Use patience in everything you do
Igaire Garri / Cassava Ze umwen ye igaire Put salt in garri / cassava Put salt in the garri / cassava
Igbon Knee, Knees Mu igbon ye oto Put knee on ground Kneel on the ground
Igho Money Igho na bun Money this many This is plenty of money
Ighogho Smoke Ighogho la owa Smoke enter house Smoke is entering the house
Ikeke Bicycle, Bicycle Ikeke na mose Bicycle this beautiful This is a beautiful bicycle
Ikhion Sponge Ye ikhion ya kpe imoto Use sponge to wash car Use the sponge to wash the car
Ikhuan Song, Songs Imade so ikhuan Imade sing song Imade is singing a song
Ikhue Nose, Noses Ikhue no kpolo Nose is big Big nose
Ikhun Grass, Grasses Ikhun wa bun vbe ugbo na Grass very many in farm this There is too much grass in this farm
Ikhuo Women Ikhuo eki ena khin Women market these are These are market women
Ikoba Bucket, Buckets Ye ikoba ya se amen vbe ughia Use bucket to take water from well Take water from the well with the bucket
Ikpia Men Ikpia ma khin Men we are We are men
Ikpianobo Finger, Fingers Ikpianoba isen Fingers five Five fingers
Ikpianwe Toe, Toes Ikpianwe oghe okhokho Toes of chicken Chicken toes
Iku Dirt Kpolo iku na ye evban ree Sweep dirt this in here away Sweep this dirt away from here
ikuu play Ikuu ibieka Play children Child's/Children's play
ikuu dance, dances Ghee ikuu Look dance Watch the dance
ima our iOghe ima no Of our is It is ours
Imieho Ear-ring, Ear-rings Imieho oghe iye mwen Ear-ring of mother my My mother's ear-ring
Imiowo Meat Imiowo vbon oha Meat full bush The bush is filled with meat
Imoto Car, Cars / Vehicles Esuku mwen imoto igbe School have cars ten The schools has ten cars / vehicles
Irri Rope, Ropes Si irri re Pull rope come Pull the rope (towards us)
Isiaren Key, Keys Isiaren oghe ukoni Keys of kitchen Kitchen keys
Isiawe Groundnut, Peanut Isaiwe kevbe igaire Groundnut and garri Groundnut and garri
Iso Heaven, Heavens Iso wa digba Heavens very gigantic The heavens is gigantic
Iso Sky Osanobua o yi iso God who create sky God created the sky
Ivbie Children Ivbie Osaretin Children Osaretin Osaretin's children
Ivie Bead, Beads Ivie bun vbe eki Beads plenty in market Beads are plenty in the market
Ivin Coconut, Coconuts Ye amen ivin ya won igaire Use water coconut to drink garri Use coconut water to drink garri
Ivineva Twins Ivineva e Efosa kevbe Esosa khin  Twins they Efosa and Esosa are Efosa and Esosa are twins
iyan they Iyan vbo? They where? Where are they?
iyan them Iyan no Them is It is them
Iyan Yam, Yams Wa rrie iyan gbe You all eat yam too much You all eat yam a lot
Iye Mother, Mothers Iye mwen winna vbe esuku Mother my work at school  My mother works at school
Iye nokhua Grand Mother, Grand Mothers Iye nokhua re owa Mother grand in house Grand mother is in the house
Iyeke Back Iyeke e wa ye kakaka Back his very is dry His back is very dry
Iyien Nail, Nails Iyien oghe Otaren wa tan Nails of Otaren very long Otaren's nails are very long
Izabo Shoulder, Shoulders Izabo balo Edosa Shoulders pain Edosa Edosa has pain in the shoulder
Ize Rice Ize ma ga Rice not done The rice is not ready
iziegbe patience Iziegbe ma Patience good Patience is good

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