Edo Alphabet "E" - Spirit, Beard, Television, Pepper, Chest ...
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Edo English Edo Sentences English Translations English Sentences
ie not ie ma Not good It is not good
ie him      
ie her      
ie here      
ie they      
iEde Day, Days  De ede nu dee? What day will come? What day will you come?
iEdo A language spoken in Nigeria  Ivbie uwa kwe zee Edo? children your do speak Edo? Do you children speak Edo?
iEfe Wealth iEfe ma na mwen Wealth good to have Wealth is good to have
iEgbe Family, Families iEgbe ima re evbana Family our in right here Our family is here
iEgbedin Drum For water  Se amen ye egbedin Pour water into drum Pour water into the drum
ieghe time iEghe khian Time going Time is wasting/going
iEgogo Clock, Clocks  Mu egogo ye evbani Carry clock to over there Put the clock over there
iEgogo Bell, Bells  Kpe egogo na Ring bell this Ring this bell
iEguae Palace, Palaces iOba rie eguae King going palace The King is going to the palace
iEhi Spirit, Spirits iEhi Osanobua khin Spirit God it is God is a Spirit
iEho Wind iEho re ohe Wind is out It is windy outside
iEho Air iEho na wa ma Wind this very good This is very good wind
iEkhien Pepper, Peppers  I mwen ekhien vbe ugbo I have pepper in farm I have pepper in my farm
iEkhienoto Pepperish Soup/Stew  Imiowo re ekhienoto Meat in pepperish soup There is meat in the pepperish soup
iEkhu Door, Doors  Kie ekhu na Open door this Open this door
iEkhun Waist, Waists iEkhun okhuo nii digba Waist woman that huge That woman's waist is huge
iEki Market, Markets  Evbaire re eki Food in market There is food in the market
iEko Belly, Bellies iEko ere ye khere Belly his is small His belly is small
iEkpetahoen Radio, Radios  Osasere mwen ekpetahoen isen Osasere has radio five Osasere has five radios
iEkpeti luggage, Luggages iEkpeti eha re aga Luggage three on chair There are three luggages on the chair
iEkpetughe Television, Televisions iEkpetughe na kpolo Television this big This is a big television
iEkpo Bag, Bags iEkpo esuku Bag school School bag
iere him  Ukpon ere Clothes his His clothes
iere here iEwu ere Shirt her Her shirt
iere it  We ere Do it Do it
iErhurhun Tail, Tails iErhurhun oghe esikpalo Tail of lizard Lizard's tail
iEse Gift, Gifts iEse oghe osa na khin Gift of God is this This is the gift of God
iese well  U rhule ese You ran well You ran well
iesese very well  Shan esese Jump very well Jump very well
iEsin Horse, Horses iEsin ghua rhule Horse able run Horses can run
iEtu Beard, Beards iEtu no bun Beard that many Huge beard
iEvbe Kolanut, Kolanuts  Edede rrie evbe Old woman eat kolanut The old woman is eating kolanut
iEwe Chest, Chests iEwe ere wa ladian Chest his very come out His chest is out (big chest)
iEwe Goat, Goats iEwe rrie ebe Goat eat leaf The goat ate the leaves
iEwu Shirt, Shirts iEwu were mose Shirt your fine Your shirt is fine
iEyan Neck, Necks iEyan mwen neck my My neck
iEyen Snake, Snakes iEyen le la oha Snake ran into bush The snake ran into the bushes
iEze River, Rivers  Wa ghee eze You all look river You all look at the river
iezo quarrel  Iyan mwen ezo no bun They have quarrel that many They have a lot of quarrels

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