Edo Alphabet "O" - By, Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Well Done
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Edo English Edo Sentences English Translations English Sentences
io she iO dee She come She is coming
io he iO khian He go He is going
io is  Akugbe o etin Unity is strength Unity is strength
iOba King iOba oghe ma King of us Our King
iobaiwinna well done (to one working) iObaiwinna ibieka Well done Children Well done children
iobavan good afternoon  Wa hia obavan You all good afternoon Good afternoon everyone
iobevbaru well done iObevbaru Eniwanren Well done elders Well done elders
iobokhian welcome iObokhian Edede Welcome old woman Welcome old woman
iobota good evening iObota ose mwen Good evening friend my Good evening my friend
iobowa greeting to the one at home iObowa Baba Happy stay at home father Happy stay at home father
iobowie good morning iObowie Uyi Good morning Uyi Good morning Uyi
iOdion Senior Twin iOdion vbiere Senior twin sleep The senior twin is sleeping
iOdo Husband, Husbands iOdo mwen vbo? Husband my where? Where is my husband?
iOfionto Rabbit, Rabbits iOfionto re ugbo na Rabbit in farm this There is a rabbit in this farm
iofo finish iOfo node Finish yesterday It finished yesterday
ioghe his iOghe no His it is It is his
ioghe her  Ukiofun oghe Scarf her  Her scarf
ioghe of  Ukpon oghe Uwa Clothes of Uwa Uwa's clothes
iOghede Plantain, Plantains iOghede bun Plantain plenty A lot of plantain
iOgo Glass, Glasses  Mu ogo ye etebu Place glass on table Place the glass on the table
iOgo Bottle, Bottles  Se amen ye ogo Pour water into bottle Pour water into the bottle
iohe free  Rrie ukpon ohe ne Give cloth free her Give her a free cloth
iOhonoghe Lair iOhonoghe vbon owa na Lair full house this This house is full of lairs
ioka first  We oka se evba You reach first there  You reached there first
iOka Corn iOka vbon ugbo Corn full farm The farm is filled with corn
iOkhokho Chicken, Chickens iOkhokho oghe Efe Chicken of Efe Efe's Chicken
iokhua  heavy  Etebu ne okhua Table is heavy Heavy table
iokhua  mighty  Owa ne okhua House is mighty A mighty house
iokpen by iOpken eze By river By the river
iokpen beside iOkpen imoto Beside car Beside the car
ioma It is good iOma vbe evba It is good in there It is good there
iOmo Child iOmo no mose Child is beautiful The beautiful child
iOmokhuo Female child iOmokhuo we vbo? Female child you where? Where is your female child?
iOmokpia Male child iOmokpia na khin Male child is this This is a male child
iOmomo Baby iOmomo bun vbe owa nii Baby many in house that There are many babies in that house
iOmwan Person  De omwan no kpolo? What person is sweep? Who is the person sweeping
iomwen marry  Uwa omwen Ehi Uwa marry Ehi Uwa married Ehi
iOpia Cutlass, Cutlasses  Mu opia ladian Bring cutlass come out Bring out the cutlass
iOse Friend, Friends iOse Usi ere Osawe khin Friend Usi his Osawe it is Osawe is a friend of Usi
iOten Relative, Sibling
iOtenerha nokhuo Maternal female relatives
iOtenerha nokpia Paternal male relatives
iOteniye nokhuo Paternal female relatives
iOteniye nopkia Maternal male relatives
iOvbierha Child of the same father iObvierha we na khin? Sibling you is this? Is this your sibling on the father side?
ioyese I am fine

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