Edo Alphabet "N" - Is, Already, Yesterday, Day Before, Day Before Yesterday...
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Edo English Edo Sentences English Translations English Sentences
na This iEde na Day this This day
na is iEwe na khin Goat is this This is a goat
na for  Ekuye na ya se uwomwen Spoon for used serve soup Spoon for serving soup
na to  Owa na ya lovbie mat to use lie down The mat used to / for lying down
Ne The iEfe ne etisa Efe the teacher Efe the teacher
ne him  Rrie egogo ne Give clock him/her Give him the clock
ne her  Rrie eledi ne Give pen her Give her the pen
ne for  Digue ne iye Kneel for mother Kneel down for mother
ne has  We kpolo ne? You sweep have? Have you swept?
ne already  Owie khian ne Owie going already Owie has already gone
ne it is iOfo ne Finish it is It is finished
nedene two days before yesterday
nedia the day before yesterday
ni for  iEwe ni ya vbiere Clothes for use sleep Clothes used for sleeping
nia now  We vbo nia? You where now? Where are you now?
nii that iEwe nii Goat that That goat
nii these  Ukpon nii Cloth these These clothes
no It is  Osawe no Osawe It is It is Osawe
node yesterday  Ibieka node Children yesterday Children of Yesterday
nu will  De eghe nu ya dee? What time will you come?  What time will you come?
nu should  Etisa we nu we gha dee Teacher say should you to come Teacher said that you should come

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