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Edo English Edo Sentences English Translations English Sentences
Obo Hand, Hands Rrie obo re Bring hand come Bring your hand
odaro forward Ghi ma la ghe odaro Let us go to forward Let us go forward
odaro front Odaro ewu Front cloth Front of cloth
ode way Ode oghe Eguae re Way of palace far The way to the palace is far
Oduma Lion, Lions Oduma rrie ewe Lion eat goat The Lion ate the goat
Ofen Rat, Rats Ofen re uhun oghe owa Rat is on top of house There is rat on top of the house
Ofiugbon Oil, Oils Ye ofiugbon ya le uwomwen Use oil to cook soup Use the oil to cook the soup
Oghodua God Emwin hia o e Oghodua Things all who is God God is all things
ogie laughter Ogie bun gbe laughter plenty too much There is too much laugher
Oha bush Oha re iyeke owa bush is in back house There is bush at the back of the house
ohe out Nekpen rie ohe Nekpen go out Nekpen is going out
Ohi Body Lotion, Body Lotions Rrie ohi ye egbe Put lotion on body Put lotion on your body
Ohi  Cream Ohi oghe Otaren no Cream of Otaren it is It is Otaren's cream
ohoghe lie U ta ohoghe gbe You tell lies too much You tell lies a lot
Oka Ring, Rings Rrie oka ye obo Wear ring in hand Wear a ring
Okeho Airplane, Airplanes Okeho re iso Airplane is in sky The airplane is in the sky
okha Story, Stories Ta okha ma mwen Tell story to me Tell me the story
Okhuo Female Osasu rrie okhuo node Osasu take female yesterday Osasu got married yesterday
Okhuoba Woman Okhuoba nii mwen ugbo Woman that have farm That woman has a farm
Oko Canoe, Canoes Oko re eki Canoe is in market There are canoes in the market
Okpia Male Okpia na khin Male is this This is a male (man)
Okpioba Man Okpiaoba Ehi khin Man Ehi it is Ehi is a man
Onisan Butt, buttocks Onisan no kpolo Buttocks is big Big buttocks
Osanobua God Osanobua ma gbe God good too much God is too good
Osisi Gun, Guns Rrie osisi gha rie oha Take gun to go bush Take the gun to the bush
Oto Floor, Floors Amen re oto Water on floor There is water on the floor
Oto Ground, Grounds Ebe re oto Book on ground There is a book on the ground
ototo under Ekuye re ototo ukohun Spoon is under pillow The spoon is underneath the pillow
Ovbieden Cat Ovbieden re ukoni Cat is in kitchen The cat is in the kitchen
Ovbiokhan A little child Ovbiokhan vbiere vbe ukpo Little child sleep on bed The little child is sleeping on the bed
Ovbiokhan Junior Twin Ovbiokhan Imade khin Junior Imade is Imade is the junior one
Ovbiokhan okhuo A little girl      
Ovbiokhan okpia A little boy      
Ovbiye Child of the same mother      
Oven Sun  Iyan ga oven eghe ne ede They worship sun time of days They worshipped the sun a long time ago
Owa Mat, Mats Owa re iyeke ekhu Mat is in back door The mat is behind the door
Owa House Owa oghe Osanobua na khin House of God is this This is the house of God
Owe Leg, Legs Owe Itohan tan se egbe ere Leg Itohan long than body her Itohan's leg is longer than her body
Owe Broom, Brooms Ye owe na ya kpolo oto nii Use broom this to sweep floor that Use this broom to sweep that floor
Owen Star Owen vbon iso Stars full sky The sky is filled with stars
Owo Traditional Soup/Stew Osagie rrie iyan kevbe owo Osagie eat yam and traditional soup Osagie is eating yam with traditional soup
Owon Sun (Red sunset) Ghee owon Look red sun Look at the red sun
Owoto Pepperish Soup/Stew Imiowo re owoto Meat in pepperish soup There is meat in the pepperish soup
Oyi Thief, Thieves Oyi le la eki Thief run into market The thief ran into the Market
Oyiya Comb, Combs Oyiya re ototo aga Comb is under chair The comb is under the chair

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