Edo Alphabet "U" - Room, Farm, Stone, Weekend, Stick ...
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Edo English Edo Sentenses English Translations English Sentenses
u you U mose You beautiful You are beautiful
Ugbe Stone, Stones Rrie ugbe me Give stone me Give me the stone
Ugbo Farm, Farms Ugbo sike owa Farm near house The farm is near the house
Ughia Well, Wells Amen re ughia Water in well There is water in the well
Uhe Vagina      
Uhowa Room, Rooms Owa na mwen uhowa no bun House this has rooms that plenty This house has many rooms
uhun on top Ovbieden re uhun oghe egbekhen Cat is on top of wall The cat is on the wall
Uhun Head, Heads Eto re uhun oghe Eghe Hair on head of Eghe There is hair on Eghe's head
Ukhon Navel, Navels Ukhon mwen na khin Navel my is this This is my navel
ukhun up Oven re ukhun Sun is up The sun is above
Uki Moon Uki na digba  Moon this big This moon is big
Ukiofon Hair tie/scarf Ukiofon re aga Scarf on chair The scarf is on the chair
Ukohun Pillow, Pillows Mu uhun ye ukohun Put head on pillow Put your head on the pillow
Ukoni Kitchen, Kitchens Ukoni na khin? Kitchen is this?  Is this a kitchen?
Ukpa Light Ukpa na e kakabo ba Light this not very bright This light is not very bright
Ukpago Tin, Tins Upkago etomatos Tin tomatoes Tomatoes tin
Ukpakon Chewing Stick (Wooden Toothbrush) Ukpakon oghe Efe na khin Chewing stick his/her Efe is this This is Efe's chewing stick
Ukpo Road, Roads Ukpo na ma tan Road this not long This road is not long
Ukpo Bed, Beds I mwen ukpo eva I have bed two I have two beds
Ukpokpo Stick, Sticks Ukpokpo na kpolo Stick this big This is a big stick
Ukpon Cloth, Clothes Ukpon no ba Cloth that is red Red cloth
Ukpu Cup, Cups Ukpu na mose Cup is beautiful This cup is beautiful
Umwen Salt Ze umwen ye uwomwen Put salt in soup Put some salt in the soup
Unu Mouth, Mouths Ghue unu were Close mouth your Close your mouth
uruese thank You Uruese kakabo Thank you a lot Thanks a lot
Uvun Hole, Holes Ofen rhule la uvun Rat run in hole The rat ran into the hole
uwa your (many) Oten u wa vbo? Siblings your where? Where are your siblings?
uwa prosperity Uwa na khin Prosperity is this This is prosperity
Uwomwen Soup Uwomwen na wa ma Soup is very good This soup is very good
uyi respect Rrie uyi ne etisa were Give respect for teachers your Respect your teachers
uzola weekend Ma gha ye esuku vbe uzola na We will go school weekend this We will go to school this weekend
Uzola nekhere Saturday, Saturdays I ya ye eze vbe uzola nekhere I will go river Saturday  I will go to the river on Saturday
Uzola nokhua Sunday, Sundays I ye eki vbe uzola nokhua I go market Sunday I went to the market on Sunday

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